Saturday, December 1, 2012

And this benefits us how exactly?

From the Times Ledger:

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber hinted Monday that the league and the city have nearly hammered out a broad agreement for a 25,000-capacity stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to happen to finalize our agreement with New York City over our use of the land and our ability to lease that land to build a stadium,” Garber said. “I do believe that we will resolve that shortly. I can’t put any timetable on that, but we are at the finish line.”

The soccer bigwig told the Associated Press that a new team could be playing in Queens by the start of the 2016 season, but the stadium is not a done deal.

An agreement would act more like a broad framework to guide further action, ensuring both the city and the league understand each others’ terms before beginning the formal approval process.

That process includes the city and state signing off on the lease and giving the 10 acres of parkland for the stadium, according to AP.

The league would also need to negotiate the location of replacement parkland and forge an agreement with the New York Mets over the use of their parking lot at nearby Citi Field, the AP reported.

From DNA Info:

With a deal on a Flushing Meadows soccer stadium nearing completion, Major League Soccer officials visited an abandoned Rego Park site earlier this month to scope it out as a potential replacement park space, MLS and those present at the tour confirmed.

An MLS group, accompanied by city officials, visited a vacant 16-acre parcel of land next to the Forest Hills Little League in early November, according to Larry Berkowitz, director of the little league.

MLS confirmed that they looked at the city-owned site, which partially houses abandoned Long Island Railroad tracks, along with other sites. The Rego Park site is one of several being considered by MLS, which must replace the land it hopes to use in Flushing Meadows Corona Park for the stadium.

Basically what MLS is going to do is look for properties it can get on the cheap from the City or MTA to use as replacement parkland. Of course, the ideal thing would be for them to build their stupid stadium outside of NYC, where there is private land aplenty for them to purchase and build on. But if this deal were to go forward, the least MLS could do is purchase and convert sites actually suggested by Queens communities for parkland. The list is long... Brinckerhoff Cemetery, the Whitestone CYO site, Klein Farm, Cornell Farm, St. Saviour's, etc. But why do that when your lobbyists can make a deal behind the scenes by bribing elected officials to support a sweetheart deal?


Anonymous said...

And this benefits us how exactly?



Ned said...

Do these idiots have any clue what 25,000 savage soccer fans are going to do to that park, trains and innocent bystanders anytime there team looses ?
This is insane soccer stadiums are ALWAYS Armageddon to neighborhoods and mass transit!!! The patrons are assholes "Planet of the apes"

Anonymous said...

A letter from Alfredo Centola, President of the Malba Gardens Civic Association:

This quote from The New York Daily News dated November 27, 2012 “Garber told The Associated Press the league hopes to build a stadium on a 10-acre site in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and expects to have an expansion team play there starting in 2016”.

So we as residents and taxpayers of Queens County are to accept another land grab from us to a major corporation. 10 acres of Parkland is about to be stolen from us and we are to accept it?

Anonymous said...

“MLS Commissioner Don Garber said Monday the league is “at the finish line” in talks with the city to acquire land in soccer-crazed Queens for a stadium to house the league’s 20th team.”

Ok, so as a “soccer crazed Queens resident” I am offended! THE CITY, is to take taxpayer parkland and “Acquire” the land in order to hand it over to a for profit corporation? From what I know of “soccer crazed Queens Residents” we like to go to the park and PLAY soccer on the weekends. We like to enjoy OUR Parkland for ourselves, our families, our children. We do not want to pay a minimum of let us say for arguments sake, $80 – $150, to watch others play. While I am certain many of us would love to take in a game with the family, and most of us would do so from time to time. I question the legitimacy of taking taxpayer land away from the taxpayer and giving it to a for profit corporation.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Queens Borough President on this? Why has she not spoken out against this? If this were in Manhattan and we were talking about taking away 10 acres from Central Park in order to build yet another stadium, what would their Borough President be doing? What would our Mayor, a Manhattan resident, be doing? Would they be in favor of such a land grab? I for one doubt it. Aside from our current lame duck Borough President, where are all the announced candidates that are coming out of the woodwork for the position? Why haven’t any of them come forward and denounce this deal? Why are they allowing this deal to go on? Where is Senator Peralta whose district encompasses the community most negatively affected by this land grab? As a matter of fact, Senator Peralta should be out there screaming and yelling. Most Hispanics, my in-laws, my friends included, from the surrounding Jackson Heights-Corona community flood the parks during the summer months. They play soccer, picnic, hold festivals, parties and again PLAY SOCCER, on the land targeted to be stolen.

Where is Senator Avella on this deal? He was quoted in The Capital as saying “You can’t just say,’oh, that sounds like a great idea.” What exactly does he mean by that? Does it mean the deal can go on but needs to be tweeked? I hope not. Why hasn’t he come out against this? Is he going to do so as soon he officially declares his candidacy? On that note, is Councilman Peter Vallone also waiting for his official announcement before he denounces this theft? After all many Astoria residents also utilize Flushing meadows park when participating in soccer tournaments.

Where are Melinda Katz and Leroy Comry on this issue? It is a big issue for us Queens voters!

Then we have Barry Grodenchick, who is the “Deputy Queens Borough President”. Mr. Grodenchick already has “Queens Borough President” in his title; only thing he wants removed is the Deputy part. My question is: Why has he remained silent on this Land Grab? As the Deputy to the Queens Borough President, as well as a declared candidate, shouldn’t he be speaking out on this? What is his position?

Now please understand, I am not only targeting Democrats. It’s just that as of right now, no Republican has thrown their hat into the ring.

As a lifelong resident of Queens, I am calling on all the candidates to make their position public on this issue immediately! I am calling on the current Borough President to make her position on this issue public immediately as well!

My position, if you want to know is: This deal is a theft, plain and simple. The people of Queens are being robbed of 10 acres of park land. Don’t tell us about the fields you are going to build for us in the surrounding communities in the future. If you take 10 acres, we want ten acres, and we want to know exactly where and what we are getting in return!

Anonymous said...

Well said Al

Is the MLS going to allow all that currently use the TEN ACRES to continue using the new stadium during the warm weather months? Will the taxpayers be able to hold their “pick-up” games on the new fields within the stadium? If so, will there now be a fee?

Better yet, leave our land alone! Do what every legitimate business has done in America since its inception: Find a location, make sure it meets all requirements and codes. Then buy the property and build your stadium.

America, land of opportunity! Just not on the taxpayers’ backs!

Alfredo Centola

Anonymous said...

Put it in ain't gonna make it!

Anonymous said...

Not a peep from Stavisky or Simanowitz, whose district includes the park. Hacks waiting for the party boss to tell them how to think.

Anonymous said...

This land grab is clearly illegal. Park land is not for private corporations. Why is it we always have $ for stadiums (Citifield, Yankees etc.), but not for anything else? Let them play soccer in one of the stadiums that already exists, like a football stadium that only gets used a few times a year in the first place.