Saturday, April 7, 2012

Time for Thompson to pay

From the Daily News:

Former controller, losing mayoral candidate and repeat mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson fights furiously on to evade paying more than a half-million dollars in sanitation fines racked up by his 2009 campaign.

As he challenged Michael Bloomberg that year, Thompson’s team plastered city property with thousand s of illegal posters. Sanit enforcement agents ripped down 8,163 and sent the campaign a $75 ticket for every one.

Rather than cough up penalties of $612,225, Thompson hired lawyer Jerry Goldfeder, who got the tickets dismissed on the technicality that Sanitation could not link each specific summons with a specific poster.

Thompson’s dodge forced the Sanitation Department to waste enormous time and money reissuing the tickets to the exacting specifications of the law. This the department did, and, on Friday, there was Goldfeder, challenging it all again at an Environmental Control Board hearing.


Anonymous said...

This guy did not know the basic laws governing where and how posters and stickers could legally be placed? Send him to jail so that there is no next time.

Anonymous said...

Plenty more illegal posters and signs. How come the city is not going after them too?

Bloomberg should pay for Bill Thompson. If it wasn't for Thompson the election would have looked like it was simply bought, which is the truth. He gave the king a run for his money.

Anonymous said...

The Sanitation Department had to waste enormous time and money reissuing the tickets to the exacting specifications of the law because they didn't do it right the first time.

This is politics at it's best. Let's all screw the taxpayer. It's free money.

Anonymous said...

Liu pay his fines yet?

Anonymous said...

Anyone with half a brain knows DSNY took them down and sent tickets on orders of the fuhrer, I mean Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

thanks to Nate Smith of the Working Families Party Thompson handed the election to Bloomberg.. Money talks, amateurs walk. that story about the voting margin is cooked up. the Working Families Party sent their underpaid and harassed canvassers into black neighbor hoods, ie preaching to the choir. White voters had absolutely no idea who Thompson was or is. AND anyone who works for this nonsensical organization will be paid less than minimum wage.
You can find Nate berating the troops on Grace Meng's campaign. how did we find him? just follow the smell of shit.
Nathan Smith – The Red Horse Strategies operative was brought on to Grace Meng’s congressional campaign to line up labor support, but so far, all of it is going to her opponents. Rory Lanmcan has lined up 32 BJ and RWDSU, while Liz Crowley got the firefighters. It’s not the easiest task, since Meng is relatively moderate (especially compared to Lancman), but she should be able to land some backing as the perceived frontrunner. Of course, Lancman had a head start, and Crowley chairs the fire safety committee, so perhaps Smith can help Meng catch up in the months ahead.