Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guilty in immigration scam

From the Daily News:

THE ARCHITECT of what prosecutors say may be the largest immigration fraud scheme in U.S. history pleaded guilty Monday to conspiracy charges.

Earl Seth David, also known as Rabbi Avraham David, applied for legal status for 25,000 illegal aliens based on phony claims that U.S. employers had sponsored those aliens for employment.

He operated the scheme out of his Manhattan law firm for 13 years, charging the aliens exorbitant fees of as much as $30,000, prosecutors said.

In exchange for his guilty plea, David faces 61/2 to eight years in prison when he is sentenced Aug. 15. He also agreed to forfeit $2.5 million in proceeds.

David, who had fled to Canada in 2006 when he learned he was under investigation, was ordered held without bail by Manhattan Federal Court Judge Naomi Buchwald.


Anonymous said...

A Kosher goniff
caught just in time for Passover!

Exile him to the peaks of Sinai
for 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for diversity.

Anonymous said...

"The organized Jewish community" has been the single most important and powerful group in favor of unrestricted immigration to the United States, and that the community has been acting in its "own perceived collective interests," regardless of whether these are in conflict with the interests of other Americans.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4:

According to whom?

Anonymous said...

"Anon No. 4:

According to whom?"

According to Anonymous #4...

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

Missed the count, but the point remains the same. It's only one's perception, with no facts backing it up.