Monday, April 9, 2012

Same inspector worked on previous crane collapse

From Fox 5:

The inspector that gave his OK on the crane that collapsed this week apparently checked the crane that collapsed in 2008, killing two people.

Buildings Department inspector Patrick McGarrigle only did a partial inspection of the crane that collapsed on April 3 at the 7 train construction site, which killed one worker.

According to the New York Post, McGarrigle was also the last worker to look at the Upper East Side tower crane that fell in 2008.

McGarrigle joined the NYC Department of Buildings in 2004.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a different approach to DOB should tried. Recruit a legal law enforcement professional along the lines of having experience as District Attorney to head up this unit. Check & balances with a superior managerial sensibility is required to root out corruption and investigate existing practices to safeguard the public.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Limandri: not licensed.
Many DoB Plan Examiners: not licensed
This inspector: never worked on this type of equipment - if any certification was required, he surely did not have it.

Anyone see a pattern here?