Monday, April 9, 2012

Firms ripping off illegals forced to pay up

From the Daily News:

In what is as much a part of New York’s urban landscape as the Brooklyn Bridge, one more dishonest employer has been found brazenly cheating immigrant workers — and will have to pay for it.

City Controller John Liu announced Wednesday a nearly $1.2 million settlement on behalf of the workers who, for years, had been robbed of much of their wages and benefits.

[Renato] Garcés says his three children, living in his hometown of Veracruz, can now have a better life thanks to the money he earned with the sweat of his brow doing masonry work for Mascon Restoration. That money was rightfully his, of course, but he would have never seen it if not for Liu’s investigation.

Mascon and three other construction management firms — JF Contracting, Promanagement Associates and Delcor Associates — had to shell out $1,178,323 to the controller’s office for failing to pay prevailing wages and benefits to workers as the law mandates on city funded projects. The firms were hired by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to inspect and repair the agency’s buildings.

Mascon also pled guilty to a felony criminal charge in a separate deal with the Manhattan District Attorney.

If prevailing wages and benefits are being paid, then the argument that illegal labor is needed "to do the jobs Americans won't do" doesn't hold water, does it Mr. Bloomberg?


Anonymous said...

"doing masonry work for Mascon Restoration"

Damn I wish I could do Mason work.... And Im a citizen...

Anonymous said...

A I see it citizens are the big loser in this one. We spent money on an illegal (criminal) to repatriate wages earned because his employer illegally hired him and stopped paying him, that's just sick.
The firm should be heavily fined for illegally hiring an undocumented resident/citizen and this illegal deported. PERIOD
Remove POLS like LIU already - vote in the elections in November!!

Anonymous said...

remove any and all government funding from ANY company or individual who hires illegal aliens. Tax them at a higher rate for proving to NOT employe American citizens. and deport the illegals.

Anonymous said...


There's our photo op king John Liu once again...looking like #4 son (Benson Fong) Charlie Chan's offspring.

Confucious say,
"Resign now Johnny, before next photo op be prison mug shot".

American said...

Tax them at a higher rate? They should be FINED & jailed. This country is being run by a group of treasonous people. These illegals crap on this country & are then rewarded? A lawbreaker from the beginning has no care for the law.

Anonymous said...

The Daily News article (at least the text posted here) says nothing about illegal immigrants. Instead, the article says that immigrants were being cheated out of wages and benefits by 4 employers. Despite this fact, the Crapper and several commenters jumped to the conclusion that the workers in question are illegal immigrants. It seems that some here have forgotten that there is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants.

Queens Crapper said...

From the Daily News article:

This investigation was not easy. Liu said, it was “particularly egregious” because the contractor was telling the workers, many of them undocumented, that investigators were immigration agents so many would not talk to them.

It's not that we jumped to conclusions, it's just that we actually read the entire article.

Anonymous said...

Crapper, I said that I was talking about the text of the article that was posted here (when I said "at least the text posted here").

But the additional text that you just posted still shows that both you and some commenters jumped to a conclusion. "Many" is not the same as "all". Yet your original post and some of the comments make it sound like all of the immigrants who were cheated were illegal immigrants. That is clearly not the case.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, nowhere did anyone say "all." But "many" can in fact mean "all." Why would an immigrant NOT here illegally be afraid to speak up if he/she were getting ripped off? They know their rights and have no reason to fear immigration authorities. Try using common sense to connect the dots instead of righteous indignation at what you perceive to be political correctness.