Friday, April 6, 2012

Now, will anyone actually use it?

From the NY Times:

Dutch Kills Green is not a headline about a crackdown on cannabis-friendly Amsterdam coffee shops. It’s the name of a newly opened 1.5-acre swath of open space at Queens Plaza.

The green was unveiled on Wednesday by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and a throng of other officials in a double ceremony: also to be celebrated was the ribbon-cutting of JetBlue’s new headquarters in Long Island City, Queens.

The green, at the east end of Queens Plaza on the site of the former John F. Kennedy commuter parking lot, includes wetlands, non-invasive and drought-tolerant native plants and stylish benches. It is part of a $45 million overhaul of Queens Plaza.

The green’s name was chosen in a contest; it was submitted by two contestants, Harry Charalambides and James Stark. Dutch Kills is a short tributary of Newtown Creek that juts up into Long Island City.

I don't know, but for millions of dollars, I expected something a little more welcoming. Of course, it IS Queens Plaza.


Anonymous said...

For Dutch Kills Green, I figure there'd be more green than dead brown.

Anonymous said...

Another overpriced token pocket park is offered to the community in exchange for raping their land and filling it up with over development projects.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Ahh nothing like the peace and quiet of an warmish afternoon in Le Green eating falafel under the 7 tra- JESUS CHRIST IT'S RAINING WORK VANS RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile who's caring for those historic mill stones?

The shady Queens Democratic Party's clubhouse machine has certainly been a mill stone around our necks...

Maybe "Boss" Crowley intends on using them for ear rings.

If those anemic preservationists would have kept their noses close to the grindstone...instead of conducting fruitless studies and endless surveys...Queens wouldn't have lost so much.

Anonymous said...

The picture of opening day shows Gianaris and Van Bramer running behind the mayor trying to keep up with him.

So much for their listening to your comments about the mayor.

Anonymous said...

The wood is untreated and will start to rot after the locals mark it and carve it up.

The area has foot bridges off the ground that will be a rodent and garbage magnet.

Its designed to catch and hold rainwater -- on the roof the the subway.

The sidewalk pattern is so precious with its intricate design - will look good when patched with asphalt.

Salt from the passing cars in winter kill off the plants.

High maintenance. The companies will use the money from your tax subsidies to try to maintain it. Lots of money.

The millstones will be exposed to further damage.

The millstones look very strange with their orange color and inscribed scoring ... almost if they are not the originals but poor imitation substitutes

Anonymous said...

Now we just need to bulldoze the public housing to the northwest of Queensboro Plaza (along with those empty luxury apartments.)

Anonymous said...

Is that the area that includes the"Blvd. Of Death" graveyard with the busted up tombstones?

Anony2 said...

Whew! Finally the former Rikers inmates will have a place to sit when the bus drops them off after finishing their sentence!

Anonymous said...

just what the pan handlers, night hookers , and window washers have petitioned the dept. of transportation for , for years.

Anonymous said...

The Indians got trinkets. We get Pidgeon Shit Park.

Anonymous said...

obviously none of you have even actually seen it. I happen to work right there and it is an oasis at lunch time that allows you to sit outside. What would have been better? more asphalt? For the people who work in the area it is much appreciated. Just go there on a nice day and see all the people sitting in the park.