Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Marshall weaves tangled web

From A Walk in the Park:

It seems the Queens Borough Presidents' office can't get its stories straight.

Over the weekend Helen Marshall's office insisted that only "some" trees were diseased, not all. On Monday however after the story broke in numerous media outlets the story suddenly changed, according to NY1.

They said the trees were not destroyed because of construction needs but due to disease and it was spreading.

This is a direct contradiction to the weekend statement made to the station where they also said that they did not announce the destruction sooner because they didn't learn they would need to until construction began.

Yesterday the City's Department of Citywide Administrative Services, which owns the land, was asked to provide tree inspection reports to back-up its claims that the trees were in fact "diseased." Those reports have not yet been made available.


Anonymous said...

What's "diseased"
could be the Beep's own brain.

Might she be "losing it", as many already claim, or is she just a damn liar!

It's Alex Rosa and Irving Poy (both civil service lifers) that really run the show around "the hall".

On several occasions one can observe Helen being an uninformed puppet of theirs or exhibiting onset traces of "fuzziness".

She was never very bright to begin with...and being dumb, puts her out of the picture.

Then again, Queens' "burro presidents" don't really need to be very smart...they only need to be able to kiss any developer's dick...smile...and say "yes" to any of their projects.

Anonymous said...

So these beautiful flowering cherry trees are "diseased" and the blight is spreading?

TOTAL BS...from the office of media mouthpiece Dan Andrews...no doubt!

The disease of CORRUPTION is indeed spreading from Queens Borough Hall all over our borough...
and the BLIGHT of over development radiates from this epicenter.

Donald Manes has long been dead, but his crooked legacy continues to move forward!

georgetheatheist said...

The Queens Borough President is just doing fine. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@ George


Anonymous said...

Marshall is a wicked, mindless, and reckless borough president.
She should be charged with arborcide!
How dare she cut down such beautiful trees just at their peek of beauty .
All this just so she can have her name attached to a piece of crappy architecture.
How can we afford to build this thing anyway, what with the economy still in the dumps???
Who does she think she is?
Tell the truth Helen. Queens wants to know.

Joe said...

The old "rotten timbers" play.
This is criminal...Looking at the chainsaw sections those trees were CLEARLY VERY healthy. If they got leaf-spot or anything during summer it would be nothing some fungicide and maintenance could have cured.
This is an outright lie !!!

Anonymous said...

"Tell the truth Helen. Queens wants to know."

Actually Queens doesn't give a shit.Which is why she gets away with crap like this.

Anonymous said...

For shame Helen. For shame.

Anonymous said...

So much for the Mayoral PlaNYC 2030 and the need for sustainable design and the expansion of vital tree canopy. So pre tell, why is DCAS having their contractor cut down invaluable public trees on public property with tax payer dollars?
Where's the outrage? Especially if there is no good reason for their removal other than they're in the contractor's way.

Anonymous said...

Marshall guilty of Arborcide. Arrest that floozy in the red dress.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is necessarily the crime of arboricide as one contributor suggested, but something even more notorious- blatant ignorance and indifference about our public tree assets by DCAS officials and the BP.