Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Donors abandon Johnny

From the NY Post:

Embattled city Comptroller John Liu’s campaign treasury “is turning into a legal-defense fund.”

Liu’s campaign has spent more than $100,000 on lawyers and legal fees so far this year — more than he raised in campaign contributions.

Liu only raised $82,305 from Jan. 1 through March 25.

And the new report shows that Liu spent more than twice what he raised during the period — $162,354.92.

The anemic fund-raising and ballooning legal bills come as Liu and his campaign operation face a federal criminal probe of their fund-raising activities.


Anonymous said...

It is most fitting that on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic...that John Liu's ship is about to be engulfed by the waters of ongoing federal investigations...and is about to sink to the bottom of the deep.

Once this arrogant slime ball slides into the muck and mud of the sea bed...let's hope that his associates will follow.

Let his bundlers, local newspaper publishers and one retiring congressman, alike...all beware!

Sea monsters await you all in the form of federal prosecuters!

Have a nice sea voyage Nussbaum, and Ackerman, etc.

Hold firm to your deck chairs and be sure that your life vests are handy!

Anonymous said...

Abandon ship!
Abandon ship!

Campaign donors,
head for the lifeboats!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Liu will "check out" similar to the way Donald Manes did.

Anonymous said...

Now that the Liu overseas Asiatic $$$$$ pipeline is about to be capped...the county's Democratic clubhouse has just opened up the new Grace Meng pipeline.

Those Orientals sure know how to run a money laundry!

The Flushing Phantom said...

Mc Laughlin...Hevesi...soon Liu.

Can't wait to see his frontal and profile mug shots on the front page of the New York Post.

Anonymous said...

If I were Chinese why would I want to support Liu's legal defense fund when I could divert my cash to Grace Meng's political campaign?

Liu's days in the sun are over.

That son of a bitch is going to be indicted!

Anonymous said...

No more stir fry for you.

It's prison food for Liu like the rest of the inmates.

Anonymous said...

you're the expert on these sort of things.

I wonder...
how many bottles of "Immodium" has Liu downed since the beginning of these federal investigations?

He's better get a butt plug...

Anonymous said...

Look at that cocky cock-sucker.

He'll be wearing that pasted on smile until cellmate Bubba soon gives his mouth a different purpose.

Anonymous said...

It took about 30 years,
but the Oriental (cash-flow) Empire (first supported by Donald Manes) is finally about to fragment into bits and pieces.

The days of crooked pols and overseas Taiwanese donors doing the "Taipei Tango" together are coming to an end.

Too many eyes
in Washington D.C. are watching.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let's get this strait; John Liu is using (allegedly illegally obtained) MATCHING funds to pay lawyers in a criminal probe that alleges that his campaign illegally raised matching funds?

Do private citizens get to use illegally obtained NYC matching funds to defend themselves in a criminal case of obtaining the matching funds illegally?

Has the world gone mad?

Anonymous said...

The world hasn't gone mad.
NYC politics is just crooked as usual.

Anonymous said...

Each morning as I'm presented with this image of Liu's sweaty rubber face...I'm forced to quickly reach for my barf bag.

That is one sneaky, freaky, geeky looking "human" being.