Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Compare & contrast: Crowley vs. Dromm, part 1

The city Parks Department needs between $50,000 and $70,000 to begin the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, a formal process that takes at least a few months whereby the city can legally buy private property.

By law, Parks cannot take the money for ULURP from the capital fund, which is the roughly $5.5 million purse that has been set aside by borough politicians to actually purchase the land.

There are several other places where the money could come from, and [NYC Park Advocate President Geoffrey] Croft and other advocates for the park have been trying to be creative in order to secure the funds.

He has reached out to the National Trust for Public Land, a national nonprofit that seeks to secure parkland, as well as the City Parks Foundation, a nonprofit with a similar mission on a city level.

So far, he has heard nothing.

The money could also come from city discretionary funding given to lawmakers on a city level.

“I think honestly there has been a real reluctance and an insecurity to getting this job done on the part of the electeds,” Croft said. “They’re not as aggressive as the community wants them to be.”

The environmental consulting firm AKRF provided pro bono services that will help expedite the Uniform Land Use Review Process (ULURP) at a cost savings to the city. The ULURP process is required when the city acquires private land.

So a park advocate, and not the council member, was the one lobbying for money in the first case, where in the second case, with the same circumstances, the council member was able to get a donation from a consulting firm. Where there's a political will, there's a way.

How is it that one council member can be so successful while the other one is such a lazy fuck-up? And why does the fuck-up think she's ready for congress when she can't even handle a 1.5-acre park project?

"Queens needs strong leadership in Washington." - Elizabeth Crowley


Anonymous said...

Halloran won't even entertain the idea for his constituents

Ned said...

Will someone show this woman how to buy fitting wardrobe and SHOES already!!!
She always looks like an albatross on canoes.
Isn’t this the one involved with that Maspeth woods fiasco, She promised a park then flip-flopped & screwed them people from under the table ?

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, that's what this post is about.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Liz, uncle Joe will take care of everthing.

Anonymous said...

There she is..."dizzy" Lizzy...looking like the low class slut that she is!

Anonymous said...

Parks cannot take the money for ULURP

Come on ... everyone knows Liz only knows how to SLURP, not ULURP.

Anonymous said...

Danny Drumm is tenacious and effective.

Anonymous said...

Seriously - no disrespect Maspeth/Middle Village/Glendale...but WTF?

You have had some of the worst Councilmembers in NYC for decades, screwing over their constituents, destroying landmarks and neighborhoods and making crooked land deals to fatten their wallets.

Step up and put some decent people up for election for a change.

And under no circumstances should anyone consider putting this disaster into ANY elected office EVER AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

was that nys senator Tony Avella in the photo ?haven't seen his photo locally in a looooonnnnnggggg while? is he running for her cm position?

Anonymous said...

was that nys senator Tony Avella in the photo ?


Obviously you don't know the context of the photo - IT'S THE ST. SAVIOUR'S SITE, stoopid.

Tony's the only elected official who has come to every single press conference, rally or otherwise support saving the church and landmarking the site/turning it into a park.

Dizzy Lizzy being there is almost incidental, and obviously turned out to be a sham.