Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Most people in favor of pension reforms

From the NY Post:

The unions may be dead set against it, but New Yorkers overwhelmingly support a new pension system for future government employees.

That’s according to a new Siena College opinion poll, which found that New Yorkers, by 69 percent to 28 percent, wholeheartedly agree with Gov. Cuomo’s proposal for a new pension tier.

And that support is seen across the board — in every demographic, geographic and political group.

Even 56 percent of those in union-member households agree with a plan that would “save money for government employers going forward and have employees make a larger contribution toward their retirement plan.”


Anonymous said...

The one thing I really don't like about pension reforms is that it is playing right into Bloomberg's hands, giving him control of money that doesn't belong to him, and in its current system, is being managed responsibly.

Jerry Rotondi said...

what mistakes I've made in life!

Instead of spending time and money on me getting a good education---my parents should have encouraged me to become a US Congressman.

After serving only a short term I would get to retire with some fat pension---oink, oink, oink!

Then, afterward, with loads of money in the bank and my youth still intact, I'm free to pursue any low paying career of my dreams, like tap dancing.


Anonymous said...

Even if Gary Ackerman's pension were to be cut off now, he'd still have a fortune of Asian money stashed away in his off shore accounts.

Then there's those Xenonics Corp. perks and "Q Trib" revenues from the whore ads his rag runs.

He does live fat as his ass and belly!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg will be gone soon and it's up to you voters to make sure that shrill nasty dyke Chrissy Quinn doesn't take his place taking money from your pockets!

Anonymous said...

No doubt that they have to go to what the private sector is doing - self & matching contributions.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

I did contribute 3% of my income for 25 years. Nothing new.

Anonymous said...

Sienna College: Undergraduate, located north of Albany, a little over 3000 students. I couldn't find the survey design standards, but I've really got to question this one. And, yeah, pension reform is a good idea - for EVERYONE. We all deserve security in our old age.

Anonymous said...

Most companies eliminated pensions long ago for 401k. The state should do the same.

Anonymous said...

unions are killing this city. Something needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

just what the public union workers want....the nyc pension fund reformed by a left wing controlled comptroller J.LIU ,who is under F.B.I. probe,and hires finance officials who worked for, former dem. Governor Corzine, and C.E.O.of a private investment corporation. who doesn't remember how billions of clients money has disappeared?

dem. voters have to be sick......

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 9:

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

How about welfare reform? Take from the working class but keep the bottomfeeders happy! How about tearing down those huge projects and developiing the real for the taxpayer.

Big Hairy Balls said...

I am a retired NYC public school math teacher. When I went into teaching in the mid 70's there were few takers for my job. I had summers off & great benefits including an excellent retirement package. If NYC wants to make serious changes to their pensions I say fine as long as it's all above board. I knew what I was getting & I grabbed it. The majority of people I know are poor math students. There is great job security for those of you (as I did) that can teach HS level math through calculus. I fled NYC as it turned to crap and I've never looked back. Stop Syria from murdering its own citizens! Long live my amazing NYC pension! Long live Queens Crapper! Death to the Palestinians!

Anonymous said...

Most private employers no longer offer traditional pensions (defined benefit) because they have to be funded in advance of the payout to the retiree and held in segregated accounts. This is to prevent the long-standing problem of the pension funds being co-mingled with company funds. In the past as companies went bust the pension fund went with it.
A raid on a private employer pension fund is now, thankfully, a rare event.

Public employers have no constraints in promising pensions that have to be paid by taxpayers not yet born. Literally anything can be promised.

Anonymous said...

God forbid someone who busts their behind for the city for 25+ years filling potholes picking up garbage or responding to emergencies gets some money to live and survive after retirement.

If the city really wants to save money don't punish the workers who go out weekends and holidays rain or shine to keep this city running.

Lets stop the nonsense of giving free education healthcare and foodstamps to illegals who come here and pop 8 kids out, or giving benefits and housing to people who don't feel like working but want to sit in public housing and use drugs and drink all day.

That's whats bankrupting us not pensions.

Anonymous said...

one wonders how many nyc public union workers have reported illegal aliens that they encounter daily to I.C.E..

it can be done anon.then you would be doing your fellow taxpayers a service.

but hold on....if the illegal alien parents of anchor babies in the public school system were sent back to china,mexico and s.america,the U.F.T. would lose dues money to give to "fixed politicians", because less "baby sitter teachers"would be on the city payroll.

when is the last time a firefighter has turned in a illegal alien "illegal basement apartment on fire" ?

etc,etc. public workers can solve the problem of nyc bankruptcy. their dues control the "sanctuary city politicians"

A government slave said...

So someone goes into the public sector knowing full well they will never get rich or even live a comfortable lifestyle without a second job. They live in the City or one of the Boroughs, pay ridiculous amounts in real estate taxes, income, social security, etc... Risk their lives, break their backs, raise and educate the children (our future), always get attacked and criticized , and at the end of the day you want their pensions???

What about the Councilperson who works 4 to 8 years and gets the same pension? Do you take theirs as well? Do the members of Congress and all other elected officals get their pensions messed with as well??

More to come.

Big Hairy Balls said...

To gov't slave:

You wouldn't believe the number of people who have told me that I'm "ripping off" the system because I collect a NYC/teacher's pension. Thirty years of devoted math instruction and endless abuse from brain dead parents & their retarded offspring. I also served in Vietnam (USAF) & I get some ex-military perks; would they like to take that away too? Let's face it the economy is in shambles & it's just plain old jealousy talking. Yeeesshhh! Long live Queens Crapper! Death to the Palestinians! Long live Israel!

georgetheatheist said...

And Long Live Big Hairy.

Amen-ing the truth. Big Hairy, please put a dollar sign on that f-a-a-a-bulous pension you're getting. A friend of mine is a retired teacher and hauls in $4000 a month.

The only work he does for it is slitting open the envelope that the direct deposit bank statement comes in.

Anonymous said...

Let people control their own pensions.

Anonymous said...

Now that we're faced with the very real prospect of having to live within our means and not bankrolling everything on credit, everyone is jumping on the pension reform bandwagon because "there's no money to continue to back it." How is it that this wasn't a problem, even during the financial crisis of the 1970's?

Anonymous said...

Good work deflecting from the real issues at hand. We've gone from a culture where there was room for every socio-economic strata to one where class warfare has taken over. Instead of being able to demand better for ourselves, we are so caught up in trying to survive (never mind outdo the other guy) that we fall prey to the idea that pensions are killing us. This propaganda is perpetuated by politicians who want to keep voters beholden so that they (politicians) can continue to reap the financial and power rewards of being in office.

Keep in mind that pensions have only started to "kill us" recently. They seem to have worked fine for the six decades or so beforehand. Politicians are scared because the credit card bill (i.e., legacy costs) have come due and they have no way to pay it today. This is a "today" issue more so than one for tomorrow. Such a big deal? Why didn't they plan during the flush times of the 1990's? Why = too busy spending it as if it were their own.

And btw, the private pension argument goes out the window when you consider the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC). Who's crying for those folks who got pennies on the dollar? Not the politicians, since they get big support from business. Again, class warfare.