Friday, February 3, 2012

Koo takes it back

From the NY Post:

If you’re in elective office, it’s probably not a good idea to accuse the FBI of using slimy tactics in a political investigation.

City Councilman Peter Koo (D-Queens) is backtracking as fast as he can from charges that federal agents engaged in “political entrapment” when they began looking into the campaign finances of his friend, Comptroller John Liu.

Koo leveled the incendiary allegation in an interview with radio host Roberto Perez, which was posted on the Internet over the weekend.

“The FBI used some sting operation, they offered cash to people,” Koo said. “It’s like political entrapment to me.”

But in an interview with The Post, Koo recanted.

“I didn’t mean to criticize the FBI,” he said. “It’s one of the most respected law-enforcement agencies in the country and the world. We support the FBI 100 percent.”

Koo believes Asian-Americans are frustrated at the slow pace of the probe, which reportedly began in 2009 but only became public in November with the arrest of Oliver Pan for allegedly illegal donations.

Koo even retracted the “entrapment” remark, saying, “Maybe I misused the word.”


Anonymous said...

Give the man his due.

None of us like to admit mistakes, I know I don't.

He did and that is an example of leadership.

Good for him. I have great respect for that.

Doug Kelly

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that the Post reporter could even understand a word of Koo's "Chingrish".

Unless his translator, chief of staff, James Mc Clelland was involved in the interview.

I hope that the FBI continues its investigation and looks into CM Koo who's a "bundler" for his "friend" John Liu!

Then he'll need every aspirin he can pull off the shelves of his drug store chain.

Anonymous said...

Koo believes Asian-Americans are frustrated at the slow pace of the probe,

maybe asian-americans need to worry about their own internal issues first.

Anonymous said...

Peter-What time is it? Better check your Koo Koo clock!

Anonymous said...

Why take it back koo koo! Be a man, take them on. What have you got to hide?

Anonymous said...

Flip-flop time in Dem land.

Anonymous said...

Hope he pissed off the FBI and hope they really investigate him and his shady dealings. Loose lips sink ships.

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off is how certain groups cry for equality and then separate themselves " The Asian Community " Why not Our Community ???