Monday, February 6, 2012

Fire inspector took bribes

From the NY Times:

A longtime New York Fire Department employee who supervised safety inspections of day care centers pleaded guilty on Friday to accepting thousands of dollars in bribes from operators who took part in a program that subsidizes day care costs for low-income parents.

The employee, Carlos Montoya, 54, entered his plea in Federal District Court in Manhattan less than a month after his arrest in a continuing investigation of what the authorities have said was a $1 million fraud and bribery scheme involving corrupt city employees and day care operators.

Mr. Montoya, who was responsible for certifying that day care centers complied with fire safety standards, admitted in court that he took money in exchange for creating fraudulent temporary certificates of occupancy for the centers.

When the judge, Paul G. Gardephe, asked whether he had accepted the payments with the intent of being “influenced or rewarded” with respect to his official duties, Mr. Montoya responded, “Yes.”

A federal prosecutor, Harris Fischman, told the judge that fraud amounting to tens of thousands of dollars could be directly attributed to Mr. Montoya’s part in the scheme.


Anonymous said...

No---really? I'm shocked!

I wonder if he collected from Tommy Huang or son Henry?

Anonymous said...

D.O.B. and F.D.N.Y.

Well, the Huangs needed F.D.N.Y. approval for their 223rd Street site. They got it? At least Costa thinks he got it. Costa was Huang's architect. No C of Os yet.

Suzuki needed F.D.N.Y. approval for his project that Crappy reported on. Still without C of Os. Costa was Suzuki's architect.

He still has his license? Could that change any time soon?

Could be!

Anonymous said...

By the way, Huang's 223rd Street has a full stop work order for the upteenth time.

Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

What a low life creep!

John from Conn said...

I guess we found another reason innocent children or fire fighters die.

Auntie Invasion said...

Carlos Montoya is busy importing third world business tactics into the US. Deport him and his entire family right back to Colombia after he serves his time in prison here. Carlos Montoya should make restitution to the City. Who did he take bribes from? other Spanish speaking people, Dominicans. Deport those he took bribes from also and take away their child care licenses. These day care centers run in apartments and private homes are cash cows. the money comes directly from HRA. This is yet another illegal alien scam.

This is what an invasion looks like.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the cost the bribe to the bribe-giver was less than the cost of bringing the day-care center up to code.

How many honest day-care center operators were driven out of business because they were too "stupid" to realize the cost savings in paying off a corrupt inspector?

Anonymous said...

A "high-ranking" FDNY inspector making 56 grand in New York? No wonder he took the money.