Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who needs a public review?

From the NY Post:

Gov. Cuomo on Wednesday called for the “largest convention center in the nation” to be built at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens.

Folks learned later that the deck was stacked: Team Cuomo had already inked an agreement for such a project with an Asian-based firm, Genting, whose subsidiary runs the racino there.

And officials had already discussed “casino expansion” at the site and agreed to “work together” on plans — even as Cuomo pushes for a constitutional amendment to allow broader gambling in New York.

Public input? Ha! Even Mayor Bloomberg was left out of the loop.

Competitive bidding?

Cuomo’s never heard of it.

And never mind that Cuomo’s predecessor, David Paterson, and Democratic lawmakers got themselves in gobs of trouble for initially steering the racino itself to a single, politically favored firm — AEG.

The state’s inspector general at the time, Joseph Fisch, called that fetid deal a “betrayal” of the public trust, in which officials “focused on political gain at a cost of millions to New Yorkers.” Et tu, Andrew?


Anonymous said...

I guess the site is at the Racino and they are (Gentry) experienced operators and the Gov is already indicated his preference to tag onto the existing??

I agree - no review and a past process that was easily considered suspect - deja vue?

Anonymous said...

Oh here we go again....
a new Oriental pipeline for campaign contributions is about to open up its valves for the Democratic machine to draw laundered cash again.

Opening up the John Liu corruption case seems to have sealed up the old one.

Thanks, Guv Andy...
crooked just like your pappa!

Anonymous said...

So will Congressman Ackerman be going on a "fundraiser" to Malaysia soon, just like he did to Taiwan back in the day with Tommy Huang?

Anonymous said...

Cuomo (Mario) & Son (Andy)...
tutti mafiosi!

Anonymous said...

America needs to purge its political crooks...who import their campaign cash from abroad...while selling out their country to foreign interests just to keep them in their cushy jobs!


Anonymous said...

We are all Astorians.

Ned said...

Now which crook gonna be Biff up in the penthouse after this is built ?

To add there is a new bill Bloomberg, Cuomo II and the Chinese are pushing to streamline for New York.
Any foreigner who invests $500,000 or more gets an unlimited VISA and automatic some "equivalent" of dual citizenship for themselves and family as long as they live in the house they buy or barracks they build.

Talk about an Asian invasion....GET READY TO MOVE OR BEND OVER !!

Anonymous said...

So who's Moe Green and Hyman Roth in this remake of the Godfather 2?