Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Malcolm Smith's charter school to close

From the Daily News:

Parents of students at a Rockaway Park charter school are in an uproar after the city announced it plans to close the elementary school in July.

Peninsula Preparatory Academy Charter School, which state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Hollis) helped found in 2004, scored a “C” on its annual city report card for the last four years.

The city announced on Monday that it won’t renew the grades K-through-5 school’s charter.


Anonymous said...

I imagine the parents are ticked off, the city just recently secured the school beautiful oceanfront space at the former Stella Maris High after years of working out of construction trailers. This might be an opportunity to further expand the Scholars Academy High School which was built upon the diverse and consistently top ten scoring middle school. The key to the Schloars Academy, which is a regular 'ol DOE Union run public school, is that they have admission standards and a code of conduct (including work expectations) that children agree to before they start. OTOH, sad for the children who started at Peninsula Prep and have to move on - perhaps they can be given priority admission to other schools that are performing better. Perhaps a better performing charter can come in and take their place.

A Better NYC said...

The NYC public school system is the most worthless, corrupt, inefficient organization in the entire country.

It's practically a form of child abuse to send your kids to one.

Anonymous said...

Audit, please. How much startup money (from us, the taxpayers)was put into it? Where did it go? Should be a simple matter, right?