Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update on Jamaica gas site

Dear Queens Crapper,

Having invested time and effort in covering the story for us, I thought it would be in order for me to update you on developments since I last made contact.
Last Wednesday; April 27th, National Grid finally came out to reflag the site with the caution flags that used to mark out the path of the buried gas lines.
Kindly find the pictures of how the site now looks attached (in total corroboration of what we have been saying that the site has enough going on already for there to be need for any additional use imposed without risk to lives).
I also found some pictures of some of the practices of the building owner over the site in the past that worry us going forward as long as the site is left unfenced and open to his access.
We'll be in touch.
Thanks once again and God bless. - Felix


georgetheatheist said...

Thank you,Felix for your yeoman efforts in keeping us informed. Nice clear photos too explaining the situation.

Anonymous said...

Im a little confused about the driveway. If the owner of the building does not own the property where the driveway was going. How can the city give them a permit to use this property as a driveway for their building?This property belongs to the city. Why was the owner of the building granted a permit for this driveway?

Anonymous said...

Update on Flushing gas site.

Stavisky & Shulman have promised to take some "Beano" before their next cauliflower ingestion.

Just the same,
I'd stay up-wind from them until you're safely out of range.