Friday, May 6, 2011

Homeless mess on GCP

From WPIX:

For years it’s been a dumping ground for trash off the Grand Central Parkway, now people who live on Stronghurst Avennue, say the homeless have moved in.

PIX11 News found piles of garbage, clothing, even a suitcase in several trash piles off the Parkway.

Looking past the trees and trash, there were visible tents of possibly homeless people who have created makeshift homes on the side of the Grand Central Parkway.

In start contrast, just across the street are the plush well-manicured lawns of Queens Village.


Anonymous said...

From time to time we find tents and people living in the woods along the clearview expressway as it runs through Cunningham Park

Anonymous said...

Times are tough!

Kevin Walsh said...

"In start contrast,"

I see they have cut the copy editing budget, like my former workplace.

Anonymous said...

Let's just call it a make-shift permanent pedestrian plaza.


Anonymous said...

Tents made of brush and tarps in the "triangle" strip of trees and brush along the New Hyde Park Road South exit road. (where the Motor Parkway ROW was)
Some months ago Nassau County closed off the area on foot in with dogs & helicopters and rounded them up. Most were illegals, INS refused to pic them up. The government told the cops you pay to jail them or let them go

Frank said...

This happens on the embankment for the Van Wyck near where I live as well (both the trash and the homeless encampment). It's frustrating how little the government does to rectify the situation.

Anonymous said...

from 3-1-1 Online:

Homeless Encampment.
The City accepts reports of homeless people who repeatedly inhabit the same location or establish encampments.

Call 311 to report a homeless encampment.

(Does the report go to the local precinct?)

The locations (should) show up on the 3-1-1 Service Request Map.

Anonymous said...

had the same problem in maspeth and we got them outta there. plus they repaired the fence that was cut open. keep calling everyone and complain!

georgetheatheist said...

Jezus, Monica Morales, you're gonna break your leg teeter-tottering through the weeds in those four-inch heels.

Moby Stashitsky said...

Homeless? I thought you said homely. Nothing for me here!