Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parks Commissioner finds splendor in the grass

From the Daily News (no link):

Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe and Queens Borough President Helen Marshall will cut the ribbon tomorrow on a new cricket field in Baisley Pond Park.

The natural grass field directs runoff water to an environmentally friendly drainage system of planted bioswales, or landscape elements that remove silt and pollution from water.

Parks officials said the new system allows for the planting of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers. - Nick Hirshon

Interesting. I thought we couldn't have grass sports fields anymore because they suffer too much wear and tear and are too troublesome to maintain. In fact, the commissioner sang a different tune to the NY Times in 2009:

Mr. Benepe also challenged the notion that artificial turf runs counter to the mayor’s vision of a leafier, greener New York, noting that a field made of recycled materials could be more environmentally friendly than grass, which requires pesticides, herbicides, aeration and millions of gallons of water.

“The so-called natural field leaves a large carbon footprint,” Mr. Benepe said. “You won’t find a lawn in nature.”

But now grass fields are environmentally friendly? Hmmm. This is one flip-flop I welcome. It's a shame you had to put the plastic shit in so many parks before you came to your senses. And we'll be expecting the same type of fields in all our parks from now on. What's good enough for Baisley Pond Park should be good enough for the rest of the city.

Photo from NY Times.


-Joe said...

Grass, which requires pesticides, herbicides, aeration and millions of gallons of water.

Booshit !!
I use a mixture of garlic, Chrysanthemum extract (Pyrethrin) and olive oil. Many park districts on Long Island and New England also use it
The Bloomberg wont pay for it because at $25 a Qt of concentrate its to expensive for Queens.
Benepe needs to take his canoe and Bloomberg kissing ass for a long paddle. How did this guy get his job ?

Pyrethrin Fact: http://www.shoo-fly.com/product.php?productid=8

Buy: http://www.nextag.com/chrysanthemum-extract/compare-html

Anonymous said...

Fix the lighting...........you have no idea what goes on in many parks/playgrounds at night.......

Anonymous said...

Plant Bloomberg under some artificial turf!

-Joe said...

Requiring herbicides, aeration.
Stupid !
Take this huge prison people and put them to work pulling weeds & aerating.
Out in the Southwest these people are slapped in on chain gangs with striped uniforms cleaning up the county roads, highways and parks.

In NYC Taxpayers already pay over $200 a day for Rikers prisoners to have 4 meals, healthcare, dental care, mental care, grooming, private education, legal library's, lawyers, gym equipment etc.

Why is it in NYC these thugs (most who can bench press 250+ pounds and play basketball) cant wear chains, knee-pads and work a spade shovel ?