Monday, January 10, 2011

People like living in East Elmhurst

From the NY Times:

New York is a place of constant change, an ever-shifting mosaic of immigrants, ethnic groups, strivers who make their mark and move on.

Except in East Elmhurst, Queens.

This neighborhood of Cape Cods and small stucco homes was among the first where African-Americans could buy homes. So they bought here in the 1970s. And never left.

Residents of an East Elmhurst census tract stay in their homes the longest of residents of any of the more than 2,000 census tracts in New York City, according to an examination of recently released data from Census Bureau surveys from 2005 to 2009. The median move-in date for homeowners there is 1974 — more than 36 years ago.

The neighborhood, an enclave of unfussy two-story houses that lies just below La Guardia Airport, is populated by the same families who planted the seedlings that are today’s lush hedges and towering trees.


Anonymous said...

Aight, no fucking faggat ass art galeries out here. Just hard working NATIVE New Yorkers/?QUeensians?

Joe said...

I feel bad for them hard working black family's who own homes. I have always admired those nice old capes and classic's around Sanford.
I go there with 87 Cavalier "queens car" to LaFousta steak house or hit the junk stores and shop for work clothing & sneakers.
In 2011 it terrible especially during summer. It reeks of garbage and beans and there are Latino and mextizo hookers, transvestites, drunks on every corner at anytime of day or night.

Anonymous said...

More power to them.

georgetheatheist said...

Joe, You ever think of giving walking tours of your world? Seriously. I'll help you sell tickets. You'll make a bundle.

JO said...

la fusta isn't in east elmhurst, it's in elmhurst. 2 different places.

Q-U Hectic said...

Joe's at it again, huh.

What does it mean to reek of beans? Oh, and if you're going to slam a neighborhood with thinly veiled racist undertone, at least attack the neighborhood that is the subject of the discussion. You're talking about plain, old Elmhurst.

Epic fail.

Anonymous said...

i think north elmhurst would be a better name.

Anonymous said...

LaFusta is zip code its 11373 south of Broadway acroos street from Elmhurst Hospital.

Anonymous said...

East Elmhurst is not an African-American enclave. Upper Ditmars is.

Get your facts straight, you transplant.