Monday, January 10, 2011

He’s Jimmy Van Braver?

Dear Editor (Queens Chronicle):

Thank you, thank you, thank you again, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer! Just when I thought you had done everything humanly possible during 2010 — working with kids in all your district area schools, working to improve libraries, outstanding work to develop and improve the area’s cultural and arts programs, the outstanding hotline and the constant fight against graffiti, the closing of Casa Romano (along with Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, Community Board 2 Chairman Joe Conley and the 108th Precinct), the Skillman Avenue holiday lights, etc. — you topped it all when taking on the monster snowstorm that came along in the last week of the year.

Your Superman “damn the cold” efforts to get plows onto Queens streets was nothing short of fantastic. Your visits to all areas of your district and the ensuing press conferences on TV, particularly on Channel 5, got things started to finally clear Queens streets. It is no coincidence that after your Tuesday evening appearances and statements on TV that plows were not only on primary but secondary streets in your district. And, I might add, the other four neglected boroughs.

“A Miracle on 34th Street,” and all Manhattan streets, yes — but St. Nick gave us a great gift, Super Councilman Van Bramer.

On behalf of the officers and members of the United Forties Civic Association, 76 families of the Ardsley Tenants Association, many friends who attend houses of worship in your area, members of Community Board 2 whom I serve with and most of John and Jane Doe — many of whom are seniors — we sincerely thank you!

Don McCallian
United Forties Civic Association

Aaaand this is why Queens gets dumped on all the time. Stop kissing politicians' asses because they advertised themselves (or in return for ice cream money). As far as I know, the whole borough was paralyzed for days after the storm, including Van Bramer's district.


Anonymous said...

We live in Van Blamers district and our garbage has not been picked up since before Christmas.

"Asskissers" makes it tough for the rest of us to get service cause the local sycophant newspapers will focus on them and igore the other 80%.

Anonymous said...

Give me $112,000 per year for a part-time job and I'll do the same thing. What an effing joke.

Anonymous said...

This is a guy who wont even hire staff unless lobbysists interview them and sign off. He is a complete and utter hack.

Anonymous said...

Don works for Cathy Nolan the Democrat. All one big love fest.

Helen said...

Last year "Jimmy" visited a failing "middle" school where some of the pupils were rehearsing for a production of "Grease" (an "adult" show if ever there was one)

He and "Cathy" Nolan seem to enjoy the restaurants along "restaurant row" in Long Island City (AKA "Sunnyside" code 11104)

Anonymous said...

First poster again.

Garbage is still not picked up. Hmmm, why don't I just post and post here until it does.

Anonymous said...

Nor on my block - not picked up since before Christmas.

Hey, United Forties, who died and left you in charge? So Jimmy funds perhaps your coffee and cookie nights, and maybe the postage so you can send out drivel like this.

Walk around the rest of his district - and see the mounds of garbage.

You don't speak for our block and crap like this in the long run just encourages them to sleep at the wheel thinking we are in their pocket.

Wake up! Wise up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy!

Trash is up to day 21!

Added some new bags and brushed off the snow so your boys can spot it better.

Anonymous said...

its still there jimmy boy. 3 weeks n countin!

notice cb2 complimented you on the great job of trash pickup

anyone in politics live in the real world?

Anonymous said...

3 1/2 weeks and the garbage has not moved yet!