Monday, November 1, 2010

Developer rejected by community board 1

From the Queens Gazette:

Community Board 1 saw time run out for an applicant seeking to build a four-story, eight-unit residential building at 30-86 36th St. at its September 21 meeting.

The building site at 30-86 36th St., in a R6 zone, was previously occupied by a twostory, single-family dwelling that was demolished. As of May 25, the site was rezoned R5B with 10 percent less FAR (floor-area ratio).

Under DOB guidelines, the development of the four-story, eight-unit building could have proceeded as planned, even with the new rezoning, if the excavation work had been completed and “substantial progress” on the project was made.

“[The foundation is] 99 percent complete,” Todd Dale, an attorney for the firm of Rothberg, Rothberg and Spector, LLP. representing the developer, said. But a review of the plans by DOB found a “minor development” consisting of three “pads” located in the middle of the foundation for the support of steel columns that had not been completed at the time of the rezoning.

Board 1 Chairperson Vinicio Donato said letters of opposition from residents of the immediate area who belong to the Norwood Neighborhood Association were “vehemently opposed” to the project.

“What’s the point of rezoning if they’re not held to it?” a speaker from the Norwood Neighborhood Association asked.

The board’s vote to deny the application to continue the project was unanimous.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... the engineer, filing representive and the owner all share the same address...very fishy. The DOI should be able to dig out something.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't. Maybe Vallone will.

Anonymous said...

what's with the teeny tiny toilet? shouldn't they have had to get porta potty's for a crowd that size?

Anonymous said...

Astoria is 'saved'.

Move on....

Anonymous said...

yea, but for whom?

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone was stopped. Now maybe the rest of the crap that went up "under the table" should be looked at again.

Anonymous said...

Put the same 2 story house back on the lot with it's garden, alley and back yard and all of its trees so a family can grow up there once again.

I remember it well.

The Flushing Phantom said...

So what....they're vote is only advisory!

Still....I wish that CB# 7 would grow a pair and reject a developer's plans occasionally.

But they never met a developer they didn't like (or get paid off by maybe?) !

The flushing Phantom said...

Oops...typo...I meant "THEIR" not "they're".

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of this fucking shit destroying Astoria.

Fuck you Vallone and your new Cadillac you drive your dates around in.

Does your wife know where you go?