Monday, August 16, 2010

People pissed at pols

They don't like Ackerman
Or Stavisky.
And, in what may be a first, a developer's pissed at Maloney!


Anonymous said...

ackerman lobbied to get BUBBA CLINTON to pardon the
American Jonathan Pollard, who was imprisoned for stealing top secret documents, about the C.I.A,'s agents in Europe, for Israel.

many C.I.A.operatives had to be recalled because their identities had been compromised. some may have been killed.

it is reported that Israel traded the documents to the U.S.S.R. intelligence , in order for the russian /jewish scientists to migrate to Israel.

top C.I.A. officials along with Director George Tenet
threatened to resign. Clinton backed down.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad the voters are waking up! Dump these fat asses! It's time for a change. We need Doc James Milano and Doc Isaac Sasson more than ever.

Baloney Maloney said...

The Maloney thing is a canard.

When her office was contacted in years passed that the hotels were being built with suspected non-union illegals (Asian men were bussed to the site, ate lunch at the site, and bussed away in the evenings - yea, I know, what were they building - the pyamids or thr Great Wall?) her office was contacted and the general gist was 'the congresswoman does not deal with small issues like that'

Come Demo Primary, her only presence in Queens will be touting a tunnel, the East Side Connector, and showing up for demoltion jobs where 3 stories are being replaced with 15.

Anonymous said...

While I admire Procida's dogging that bloated crook/incumbent Ackerman...I fear that John is losing it.

Those pathetic reactionary cave men (and women) tea-baggers are ill informed throwbacks to whatever fictional past they think America was.

There's a big flaw in Mr. Procida's message and logic:

You can't run or get elected if you are not a US citizen.

(Unfortunately) that makes swine Ackerman an American.

Procida has always been known for making a big noise while delivering little results.

By the way...isn't that exactly what pols are known for?

Maybe he should run for office (gag)!

Anonymous said...

(LOL)....was Liz Birney and the other usual lethargic suspects in attendance?

Flag wavers without real conviction to change things.

Liz stands a slightly better chance than a snowball in hell of getting elected.

Better pick some real competition "walrus face" Ragusa otherwise look forward to the Republican party getting trounced once again!

Anonymous said...

Go did up some real hot stuff on Ackerman and put him in jail for being in cahoots with overseas Asian interests...or is that too much hard work for you guys & girls?

The truth is out there for some resourceful group to deliver to the FBI.

I've already done my part to expose Gary.

Become the true "patriots" you all claim to be!

Otherwise all of this demonstration social event stuff amounts to just a fart in a windstorm.

Anonymous said...

I'm likin' Milano more and more each day!

Anonymous said...

Tubby Arse Stalinsky

Anonymous said...

This is great . These people are nuts. They have too much free time. Go and volunteer for a children hospital instead.

Anonymous said...

FINAL SOLUTION? by John Procida to the editor:Q.Tribune,8/6/09

To you who are too young to remember,Hitler's killing of 6 million Jews was what he called the "FINAL SOLUTION." He told Nazi Germany that if they killed all the Jews (and stole all their money) there will be a better Germany for Germans.

Now Obama,Schumer,Gillibrand, and Ackerman have found their final solution to rising healthcare prices :
Kill all the senior citizens. After all they are no longer productive, they use most of the health care money and therefore we would be better off without them. The young indigent cretins who are not working need the money more than the old people do.

The fact is that the old people-sometimes referred to as the "Greatest Generation"- worked ,waded through the bloody waters of Omaha Beach,sacrificed at home during WWll,quickly built the formidable war machine that saved the free world, froze and were wounded in the cold of Korea, walked through the dangerous jungles of Vietnam, and did all of that for a younger generation that now calls them excess baggage.

Yes ,Obama,Schumer,Gillibrand, and Ackerman,in your proposed wonderful health care bill,you have found the final solution. On page 425 of your proposed bill,it says in black and white that every one on Social Security (including all senior citizens and people on S.S.I. ) MUST GO TO MANDATORY COUNSELING EVERY FIVE YEARS TO LEARN AND TO CHOOSE WAYS TO END YOUR SUFFERING( AND YOUR LIFE). HEALTH CARE WILL BE DENIED BASED ON AGE.

The rest of your unmanageable federal debt will be just as bad. $500 BILLION will be cut from senior citizens ' health care. The way for that to happen is to drastically cut health care and the oldest and the sickest will be cut first. Paying for your own care will not be an option, they want you dead so they don't have to spend any more money on you.

America,we must stop this outrage. We are at fault. We put these monsters into office. We are helpless to get rid of them until the next election, but until then we must storm their offices and phones and fax machines with our displeasure and disgust that they would even think that the final solution could be used in America.

note:i agree with John and will march at his side next time. BE THERE.........

Anonymous said...

RE: COMMENT # 1...PROOF......

ANNALS OF ESPIONAGE , "THE TRAITOR" by Seymour M. Hersh (the case against Jonathan Pollard.

The New Yorker magazine,Jan. 18,1999

Anonymous said...

Sy Hersh is a Liberal. You believe him?

Anonymous said...

I like how everyone goes nuts over Obama while their local pols are fucking them over.