Monday, August 9, 2010

Parking lot walk dangerous for bus drivers

From the NY Post:

In the last month, four female bus operators at the MTA's Fresh Pond depot in Queens have been beaten or robbed taking the long, dark walk between the facility's parking lots under the M line's elevated tracks and their garage, The Post has learned.

Two drivers who have been assaulted say that they've been telling bosses for years there should be extra security but that the requests have fallen on deaf ears at the cash-strapped agency.

"As soon as I put my car key into my pocket, three people came from behind me, knocked me to the ground and started punching and kicking me," said Diane Monges, 49, a bus operator for 21 years.

She walks three or four blocks from one of three parking lots to the bus depot in Ridgewood at about 3:50 a.m.

The crooks made off with her purse.


Anonymous said...

That is so messed up, these lowlifes probably come from another neighborhood via the M train since that part of Ridgewood is in a good area.

Jay Walder Balder doesn't want to give them raises as per the arbitrator ruled and now doesn't want to provide security(doing more with less is not a good policy)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if one of the assaulted MTA drivers was one of them i saw come out of the terminal and cut off an ambulance with lights and sirens on last week???

The driver came Fresh Pond from the depot, looked and saw the ambulance coming, and pulled out anyway.

Perhaps it was karma?

Anonymous said...

They are cowards, The MTA should have heeded the drivers warnings. They should now sue the MTA.

Anonymous said...

The only "parking lot" is inside ta property. Something tells me they are parked on the street.How is the mta respnsible for off street parking? If they park on the street,the police (104 pct)would be resposible for that.

Anonymous said...

cash-strapped??? Perhaps the MTA should scale back on the number of managers/supervisors they have sitting around and doing nothing ... and perhaps The Post should investigate the memo handed down from the MTA President to lower management congratulating them on avoiding a pay decrease for themselves due to careful scrutiny and cut backs ... obviously putting the safety of their employees and public at risk... and while they're at it they could also investigate the nepotism that seems to run rampant in the MTA managerial network.