Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fox takes on Hevesi

From the Gotham Gazette:

A resident of Forest Hills for 30 years, Fox touts his experience in "good government," working for two years in Albany serving as counsel to the Consumer Affairs Committee. He subsequently served as a legislative attorney in the city’s Office for Economic Development during the Koch administration, where he drafted legislation designed to create jobs and expand the city’s economy. For the past 20 years, he has worked as an attorney for a private practice in midtown, handling real estate and bankruptcy cases. He has lived in Forest Hills as both homeowner and renter, and is a member of the local Community Board 6.

As one of the earliest supporters of the New York Uprising good government pledges, former Mayor Ed Koch praised Fox, saying, “This year, voters are counting on candidates to commit to specific reforms in advance, as Joe has done.” With support from the group New York Uprising (led by Koch, Citizens Union, the sister organization to Gotham Gazette's publisher, and New York Civic), Fox says “My whole campaign is based on changing Albany into a functioning government that represents the people of the state of New York.”

Apart from nonpartisan control of the redistricting process, the pledge also encourages ethics oversight and enforcement, as well as a “balanced budget.”

“I remember Albany when it was much more functional, when other states looked to us as an example of how things should be done,” Fox said. “And we’ll be back there, but it’s gonna take some changes to do that.”


Gary the Agnostic said...

Good for Fox. If there ever was a time when Hevesi was ripe for taking, and the whole dynasty is put to an end, this is it.

Frustrated in Forest Hills said...

Hevesi has never impressed me. Same old politics like his father.I've seen Fox in the streets, talking to voters and his literature so far has really hit he nail on the head with voter frustration. I'm interested to see what else he has to say.

Rego Parker said...

I don't understand where these people are coming from. Hevesi has done a great job keeping me informed on what is going on; is progressive, probably the most responsive of the public officials that serves my area and genuinely cares. And this "sins of the father..." stuff is getting old. Mr. Fox I'm sure is a good man, but I've been to several CB6 meetings and didn't even know he was on it as apparently he is rather quiet. Perhaps he contributes at the committee level, but I've yet to see anything compelling to support him - other than Koch's pledge project, which has elements I like, but what ultimately will it really translate into?

Status Quo's Gotta Go said...

Can’t believe the robo-call I got last night from Karen Koslowitz on behalf of Andrew Hevesi who’s facing a primary challenge from attorney Joe Fox. She whined that Hevesi’s opponent “lied” about Hevesi and used “Palladino-like tactics” in his campaign. The Hevesi campaign must be running scared.

The message was prompted when Joe Fox exposed (with references and citations) the illegal conspiracy that got Hevesi his job in the first place; Hevesi’s diversion of almost a third of his member dollars to the “Hevesi Library”; his chairmanship of a 3 person subcommittee that never meets; and his incumbent/special interest campaign financing.

If any of these are lies, please enlighten us.

Instead of whining, why not give the people of our district the truth. We deserve the truth. We deserve an assemblyman who gets things done rather than claiming credit for the work of others or offering feel good legislation that can't get out of committee.

Photo ops… big deal! Anyone can do that… Especially when their handlers tell them its more important to do that than to work on something that might actually the people of the District or the State.