Sunday, August 1, 2010

End to ticket fixing?

From the Times Ledger:

The city Police Department has started tracking all parking and traffic tickets issued by police officers through scanners at precincts across the five boroughs in a bid to stop ticket fixing.

The change in policy is meant to prevent officers from tossing out tickets for friends and family members, a source familiar with the NYPD said. Previously, an officer could intercept a ticket before it reached the courts, the source said.

But now the NYPD’s scanners will enable the department’s headquarters at 1 Police Plaza in Manhattan and each precinct to get a copy of a ticket electronically, making it more difficult for a ticket to be thrown out, the source said.

The initiative was put into effect July 22, a Police Department spokesman said.


Anonymous said...

Favoritism at it's best.

Glendale Owl said...

A good move, if it actually lasts. Why not also track all placards-that is a bigger problem. Would it be so hard to put a barcode on every legitimate placard? When a car with a placard is parked illegaly, click them into the system to check. If not legit, you must ticket.

Anonymous said...

Would it be so hard to put a barcode on every legitimate placard?

With the current placard system, yes it would be. For the NYPD parking plaques, the officer's individual information (plate, shield, name) is filled in by hand on the back of the card. Adding a barcode would cost far too much.

Mini Driver said...

But officer, the sign said fine for parking! WTF?

Anonymous said...

What this WONT do is help get tickets onto Cops PRIVATE vehicles that are illegally parked.

You know, its not like a cop should be fit enough to not have to worry about walking a block or two to get to his house. They NEED to be able to park at fire hydrants and across crosswalks, right???

Anonymous said...

If you see a vehicle with a police placard in it parked illegally, notify Internal Affairs Bureau. The car gets towed and fined, and the officer receives a command discipline.