Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dead end parking problem

From NY1:

It's a dead-end street with no signs, where residents say parking should be free but often comes at a price.

“The local police have been giving out bunk parking tickets, called double parking, even though you can see there’s no sign that there’s no parking allowed,” says resident Jeffrey Herskowitz. “I’ve gone twice to court in the last year to fight these tickets, and they were both dismissed.”

Yet Herskovitz finds the police continue to give out tickets for parking at the dead end.

“Recently a third double-parking ticket came out on my wife’s car, and we went to go fight it in the court system and they said since the ticket is not currently scanned in the system, we couldn’t fight it yet, even though we obviously have our pictures and our previous dismissals for the exact same spot, for the exact same offense,” he laments.

Out of frustration Herskovitz called NY1 For You and the station called the New York City Police Department. A spokesman would only say this matter is being reviewed by the NYPD.

NY1 then called the Department of Finance and a spokesman said they are looking into the case.

The station will follow up on the situation.


georgetheatheist said...

Hey, you gotta go through official channels. This is where the study of Zen Buddhism comes in very handy. Ommmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Whine, whine, whine!

Anonymous said...

MmmmHmmmm.... I's gonna keep given ya tickets. Gots ta make ma quota! Gotta kep ma job... ma chilens gats ta eat.

Anonymous said...

what nabe is that? seems they were very careful not to mention the locale.

Anonymous said...

I can only guess what kind of accent this is "I's gonna keep given ya tickets. Gots ta make ma quota! Gotta kep ma job... ma chilens gats ta eat."...

but I think it's more like this:
derrrr, I press da buton!

Anonymous said...

That location is on 210th (google maps 7535 210th st for the location) in Oakland Gardens, Queens. It is along side the edge of Cunningham Park. Beyond the dead end is the Long Island (Vanderbilt) Motor Parkway, now a foot/bike path connecting Cunningham to Alley Pond Park. There are no street parking regulations in the area at all, but parking is a premium due to the Windsor Park coop complex. There are ALWAYS cops from the 111 roaming the neighborhood looking to give tickets for any reason they can dream up.

Anonymous said...

Time to police the police again in NY.