Saturday, August 14, 2010

Artists says to pick up the poop!

NEW YORK (WPIX) - A Manhattan artist is using his talents to take aim at one New York's great, disgusting annoyances - dog owners who don't pick up after their pooches.

Jay Shells has installed three 28-square-foot paintings in the city that depict a dog doing its business with the message: "Clean Up After Your Dog!" And to help people comply, Shells has attached free biodegradable bags to the artwork.

Shells, who gained attention earlier this year with a guerilla art project aimed a subway etiquette, says he got the idea for the project after yelling (unsuccessfully) at a woman who did nothing after her dog soiled a sidewalk near his apartment.

"Shaming people into doesn't work," Shells told PIX 11 News. "so [I thought] I'd give them a subtle reminder, or not-so subtle reminder. You should use it. Pick it up. Nobody wants to step in it."


cherokeesista said...

I see people do it all the time :(
Pissess me off:( I have 2 Big Labs and never leave the house without bags:) It's common decency:)

Anonymous said...

How about the other fools who allow their dogs to use the tree in front of your house as a tiolet simply because it's not "your" tree because it belongs to NYC. These jerks feel that watering a tree isn't wrong and don't curb their pets, therefore, we have to inhale the "scent of urine." I'm an animal lover and always walk my dog in the street but someone needs to use a chock collar on these stupid people!!! No SCENTS no brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ban dogs in nyc.

Anonymous said...

well - it's NOT wrong BTW - it won't harm the tree that's for sure. Animals and humans have been pissing and pooping in nature since the beginning of time.

The poop though MUST be picked up by the owner.

I don't see that in my neighborhood - people always pick up after their dogs.

They should give tickets again - it would be easy to do that in the subway -

the dopey looking and offensive sign is not going to do it - in fact it will only compel people to do it more (their dogs of course - let's hope anyway).

Anonymous said...

human beings have actually regressed to enabling their animals to shit on a sidewalk,and then pick the shit up for the animal.
what a disgusting lifestyle ? shame,shame and shame . the city sidewalks really stink,especially during this heat wave .

the animals nose each other"s ass holes and then the stupid owners kiss and allow the animal to lick their lips and faces.

time to puke.........

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

where do you live that the streets stink all the time - in a sewer?

it's probably your own breath you're smelling.

Anonymous said...

The law in NYC is as follows:


But when was the last time you ACTUALLY saw one of these street signs that used to be everywhere? It must be 15 years now.

IT MUST BE 15 YEARS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!