Friday, July 16, 2010

You are who your friends are

From the Daily News:

Andrew Cuomo has made breaking the special interests' hold on Albany a hallmark of his campaign for governor.

But the man he handpicked to run the state Democratic Party calls some of these same special interests clients.

Charlie King eagerly took on the role of the Cuomo campaign's chief attack dog.

Yet he's maintained his stake in lobbying and consulting firms that represent New York's largest beer distributor, a technology firm and a gaming company.

King also continues to serve as a paid consultant to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who was dismayed by Cuomo's decision to tap Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy as his lieutenant governor. Sharpton balked at the all-white statewide Democratic ticket.

King took over the post of state Democratic Party executive director in April at Cuomo's request. Since then, he's repeatedly assailed the Republican gubernatorial designee, Rick Lazio, for being a "Wall Street lobbyist" who has so far refused to release his tax returns.

Lazio, a former Long Island congressman, took an unpaid leave from JPMorgan Chase, where he had once worked as a lobbyist, before announcing his candidacy in September 2009.

King was also a registered lobbyist until accepting his paid party position just three months ago.


Anonymous said...

I am a "Cuomophobe", there, I said it.

Helen said...

Anonymous, very catchy. "Cuomophobe" it is.

Anonymous said...

He looks like he's ready to star in a remake of "Return of The Vampire"...
a very spooky looking dude!

Anonymous said...

New Sfacim, Old Sfacim, Same old scheme