Thursday, July 8, 2010

US Reps Maloney, Crowley and the Crumbling Seawall

Normandeau Newswire – Queensbridge Park on the East River at the Queensboro Bridge is a beautiful park with a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.

Until about ten years ago people would relax at the water's edge. Then the seawall started crumbling. There were holes in the seawall the width of milk crates. People could no longer get to the water.

In Summer 2002, a press conference was held in Queensbridge Park where City Councilman Eric Gioia, US Rep Crowley and US Rep Maloney spoke about Federal money being obtained to repair the seawall. This was happily witnessed by Queensbridge Houses Park Warden Elizabeth McQueen and then Queensbridge Tenants Association President Nina Adams.

Congressional representation switched from Crowley to Maloney due to redistricting.

Nothing further was heard from Maloney. The Queensnbridge website cropped Maloney from the group photo shot leaving McQueen, Gioia, Crowley and Adams.

It is now 2010, the milk crate sized holes are now big enough for a Volkswagen. But it is election time, and Maloney is now showing interest in the seawall again. In a letter that she sent to Mayor Bloomberg, Maloney is now requesting action on the seawall.

Tenants are suspicious of the timing of the letter as some of the co-signors are running for office with opponents. Could this be simply a ruse to publicize candidates?

Nina Adams who is now CEO of Queensbridge Outreach is disappointed that the names of Eric Gioia and US Rep Crowley were not mentioned. Although those politician no longer represent Queensbridge Park they had shown a sincere dedication to its needs.

Maloney is now back in the picture. We will see if substantive seawall progress is made.


Anonymous said...

US Rep Crowley is an expert at ruling the roost in all crumbling situations - it is under his watch and district that it has crumbled. Bravo for another crumbling effort by Rep. J. Crowley.

Anonymous said...

Only 5% of Baloney Maloney's funds earmarked for Astoria-Dutch Kills. And most of that is only good for developers.

Not true she says. For example, there is the East Side Cutoff. That counts for putting money into Queens.

A tunnel.

The only time we see her is some big development project that is ripping out the heart of our community.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Why was Carolyn Maloney cut out of the photograph?

Anonymous said...

She was cropped out because after her original photo-op she didn't make waves about the sea-wall until re-election time