Wednesday, July 7, 2010

People's Burden to speak tomorrow...Suzannah speaks tonight

From Suzannah's blog:

One huge reason Mike almost lost to Bill Thompson was he and Amanda Burden displaced so many New Yorkers and made over our city like a bad plastic surgeon.

Amanda the peoples' Burden belongs in jail.

I was sent the invite and I won't be showing up.

Tell us how you really feel!


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Denial is the new crack cocaine. Amanda Burden, Mike Bloomberg, Steve Rattner are just a few examples....from Albany to City Hall there is so much proof denial is the new crack cocaine.

thanks to anonymous commentor who created the term Amanda the peoples' Burden.

Thanks to Queens Crap!
Suzannah B. Troy

Anonymous said...

Mike Bloomberg getting elected was the WORST thing that could've ever happened to this city. To our neighborhoods, our schools etc..

The unfortunate thing is that most New Yorkers are too stupid to realize that.

admin said...

Present day city planning projects and policies are having serious consequences for native New Yorkers : look at the legions of people, who have had to flee from the unaffordable rents of East Village apartments, only to have to resettle in other area codes. Look at how entire swaths of Manhattan no longer have a hospital ; the Lower West Side used to be served by St. Vincent's Hospital, before other megamillionaires, the Rudin family, began to salivate at the idea of converting the former campus of St. Vincent's into still yet more luxury condominious. How many steam pipe explosions, Con Edison manhole fires, the Queens blackout of 2006, construction crane collapses, dangerous sidewalk electrocutions, hospital bankruptcies, firehouse closings, or subway budget blackholes have happened under Mayor Bloomberg and City Planner Burden ? When will enough be enough ?

Anonymous said...

@admin: You're right, nothing bad ever happened before Bloomberg.

3000 annual murders, large swaths of the city impossible to traverse without firearms, streets not getting plowed for several days after a snow storm. Nope, never happened.

Anonymous said...

Crime plunged under Giuliani, who had to clean up after the crack epidemic. Bloomberg just ran with the football after possession had been established. As for plowing... you're really going back to the 1960s to justify Bloomberg's actions? What the hell does plowing snow have to do with displacing people?

Anonymous said...

So now Amanda Burden can traverse Harlem in her Chanel suit, choosing among french restaurants. Is that a good thing for native New Yorkers?

Anonymous said...

Amanda Burden is a cunt!

Anonymous said...

was the last commenter c.rose ?