Sunday, July 18, 2010

Two-timers may not become three-timers

From Gotham Gazette:

When City Council members Sara Gonzalez, Darlene Mealy and Jimmy Vacca voted to extend term limits nearly two years ago, they may not have expected to miss out on the opportunity to serve 12 years at City Hall.

But as the city Charter Revision Commission mulls what type of term limit proposal to put on the ballot this November, members who joined the council after 2002 could end up stripped of their shot at three full terms.

The commission has not decided what type of term limit proposal it will send to voters this fall, let alone whether it will apply to the current council. At a meeting in Lower Manhattan Monday, several members of the 15-member commission voiced support for a return to the two-term limit instead of the current three.

Should voters approve it, the question becomes whether 32 sitting council members will be sent packing after a potential term two. For 13 of them, that means their current term could be their last.


Anonymous said...

You'll see what the voters want.
"OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW" and if the new politicians don't realize that they work for us hopefully it will only be one term.

Anonymous said...

We voted for 2 terms in the past which was stolen by Bloomberg with Quin's help. I now believe it should only be 1 term.

Anonymous said...

One term sounds about right to me. The sad part is that we can vote on this over and over again (and we have), but Bloomburg will overturn the will of the people if he doesn't like the outcome. The politicians will orchestrate term limits to THEIR liking -- not the voters liking. Please make sure you Remember in November and vote all incumbents out.