Sunday, July 18, 2010

Historic district dealing with squatter

From the Times Ledger:

A squatter who has been living in St. Albans Park for at least three years has been littering the streets and been a nuisance to the community, according to nearby residents, who want the city to help her and to clean up their neighborhood.

Addisleigh Park resident Archie Spigner, a former city councilman, has been reaching out to southeast Queens elected officials, the city Department of Homeless Services and the police to deal with the nameless vagrant who is usually spotted at the corner of Marne Place and 113th Avenue, but nothing has been done so far.

Spigner said her presence, accompanied by several boxes of junk such as dustpans, dirty clothing and trinkets, has been disturbing parkgoers because she litters her goods all over the street.

“She’s been on the sidewalk 24/7,” he said. “Through the rain, through the snow, through the heat, whatever weather, she lives there.”

The woman, who does not speak English, first appeared eight years ago and began squatting in front of a Seventh-day Adventist Church and the park, according to the Addisleigh Park Civic Association. When the church erected a steel gate around its perimeter around two years ago, the squatter made the park her home, much to the annoyance of the neighborhood, according to Rene Hill, president of the civic.

“She undresses in the park and in the street. It stops all the traffic and it’s disgusting,” she said.

The civic head pointed out that since the woman speaks French, it is hard for anyone to find out why she is homeless and if there are any friends or relatives who could help her. Although she has not physically harmed anyone during her time in the neighborhood, she gets testy and loud when people try to talk to her, according to Hill.

Hill said her group has grown concerned since the city is currently conducting a review on designating Addisleigh Park a historical district and the squatter and her trash is in conflict with the image it is trying to preserve.


Anonymous said...

They can't communicate with her because she speaks french? Aren't there a quarter million Hatians living in south east Queens?

Anonymous said...

That was probably one of the stupidest things I have ever read. In NYC I'm sure we can find at least one person who speaks French.

Anonymous said...

o.m.g. the stupidity.

Anonymous said...

There are so many Haitians in Southern Queens that students can major in Creole at York College.

Evan S. said...

I'd do her!

Anonymous said...

At first glance it is a sorry situation, a woman living by her wits on the street. but look again, she looks pretty healthy. where does she get food? how did this woman come to be so comfortable in place where allegedly no one can communicate with her?
How about a one way ticket back to Haiti or the West African country she comes from? Then she would not have to suffer being so isolated and at risk. where does she sleep in the winter?
Clearly this woman is a danger to herself.
I would say that someone in the area is feeding her or that she had once lived or worked around the park. How about deportation? we have plenty of homeless US Citizens including war veterans. Take care of them first.

Anonymous said...

Typical homeless edp.

Anonymous said...

she probably will have the A.C.L.U. set up a seminar speaking agenda for her at the Harvard Law School soon.

that is a result of former mayor ed.koch's decision to place a drug addicted,subway grating sitting,female bum in Bellevue Psyco. ward for observation,many years ago.

a channel five news anchor nearly lost his job ,because he commented negatively about the female bum.
she would crap at the spot in public view.

her well to do family from n.j. wanted help from the system but the system always expelled her to society. hooray for the A.(un)C.L.U.

the Harvard Law students will probably be forced to learn french for her seminar.

what a country.......

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

In the East Village we have a woman like that that is a long term homeless community member. She has problems with mental illness, alcohol abuse and other very serous problems. A local blogger treats her like Britney Spears posting photos of her topless and drunk out of her mind. She is 56 African American. The blogger is close to 70 white and when drunk he goes home and closes his door. She has no door. He is so vain he dyes his hair and beard black. He does not want any photos taken of him especially drunk out of his mind yet he enjoys photographing and posting photos of homeless people urinating, etc.

It is sad she can't get the help she truly needs and ditto for all homeless people but at least she is not stalked by a blogger who enjoys posting naked photos of homeless people drunk and drugged out of their minds.

Nutz said...

Truth is, there are some people in every society who choose to live like this. There have been quite a few stories of homeless women who are discovered to have fat bank accounts. This woman does look fairly well maintained. She is probably having a social security check deposited somewhere. She may be pretending not to speak english so no one bugs her. Most people will be offended by her smell and her publicly relieving herself but life goes on. Personally I find public displays of arrogance more offensive than something like this...people double parking their cars, talking down to shop keepers...but to each his or her own.

Anonymous said...

what concern to us the color or ethnicity of the bum?

the keeping these bums from getting social services help. ask ed koch. they sued him for putting the" subway grating shitter" in Bellevue Psycho. ward.

are you comparing Q.Crappy with the photo blogger in your counter culture nabe ? shame, shame,shame.

your photos seem a little xxx.

Anonymous said...

That's not dog shit on the bottom of your shoe.

Anonymous said...

Slit its throat in the middle of the night.

Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Evan S. said...
I'd do her!

We thought you already did!

Anonymous said...

Suzannah, are you referring to the blog that was recently closed? Neither more nor less. I don't get the awful photographs.
If it's the same guy he was really helpful to get Ray his social security benefits but the woman who attacked Ray is still at large.

For all we know this woman does have a home but chooses to drag a bunch of stuff around with her.

Anonymous said...

Suzannah, that sounds awesome. Have a link to the blog?

Anonymous said...