Friday, July 9, 2010

Tweeding effort in overdrive

From the NY Times:

In the world’s most diverse city, it was hailed as a milestone: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg signed an executive order in July 2008 requiring every New York City agency that dealt with the public to provide interpreters, translated documents and other language help to people who spoke little or no English.

The order was supposed to help immigrant New Yorkers use services and navigate a daunting city bureaucracy. And in keeping with Mr. Bloomberg’s passion for applying good business practices to city government, the policy was meant to prevent the waste of time and money caused by miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Mr. Bloomberg pledged at the time to “make our city more accessible, while helping us become the most inclusive municipal government in the nation.”

But two years later, the mayor’s promise has fallen short. Many government workers fail to offer interpreters, even if people ask for them, and signs and forms in multiple languages are often nowhere to be found, according to people who have sought services and a lawsuit filed against one of the city’s largest agencies where the problems seem particularly acute.

The agency, the Human Resources Administration, is a virtual lifeline to millions of New Yorkers who depend on it for benefits like food stamps, cash assistance and subsidized medical care.

So not only are we giving people who aren't from this country handouts, we are paying to get them on the public dole. Why are we allowing people to come here and become a burden on us?

Please, beam me up, Scotty!


Anonymous said...

It's all about courting ethnic votes and it is illegal to do so as well as should make it illegal to do so if an individual is not a legal alien.

Anonymous said...

I came here to work hard and support my family... no give me my check and don't you are call me American!

Anonymous said...

Sanctuary cities are illegal; Bloomberg is committing a crime. Let's get him!

cherokeesista said...

Anonymous said...
I came here to work hard and support my family... no give me my check and don't you are call me American!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Huh? What? Proper English PLEASE!!!!

John Derbyshire said...

“It is astonishing that a nation most of whose adult inhabitants would pluck out an eye rather than see their kids flunk high school nonetheless imports millions of high-school dropouts. If having millions of high-school dropouts in our labor force is such a jolly good thing for America, why not generate our own supply? Yes, we can!”

Anonymous said...

The solution is obvious -- hire more public employees. This is not going to stop until there are millions of New Yorkers dependent on the city for food, shelter, health care, etc. -- either as HRA "clients" or as HRA employees serving them. Private sector employers and private sector employees -- take notice now and flee.

Anonymous said...

the federation for american immigration reform claims their study shows that the illegal population in new york costs taxpayers $9.5 billion per year.

Lebron James the opted to go to the miami heat to play ball,instead of new york. the state of florida has no income tax.

he is a big supporter of obamas policies to tax, tax,tax,
but not when james has to spread his wealth to the non-taxpaying people of n.y.

do you think obama should appoint a sports czar and hollywood czar to control their incomes to $500,000?

do not hold your breathe.

Anonymous said...