Friday, July 9, 2010

Crooked labor leader pleads guilty

From the NY Post:

A crooked labor leader pleaded guilty this afternoon to racketeering charges in a scam that betrayed his fellow union members by letting contractors hire illegal aliens to work off the books.

Michael Brennan, a former shop steward for Local 608 of the carpenters union, faces up to 87 months in the slammer under a plea deal in which he admitted pocketing bribes from On Par Contracting, whose owner, James Murray, is cooperating with authorities.

Brennan, 54, also admitted embezzling union funds and destroying documents subpoenaed by a court-appointed investigator probing years of corruption at the Carpenters Union District Council.

Brennan -- who agreed to pay back $100,000 in illicit proceeds -- declined to comment after entering his guilty plea in Manhattan federal court. He is free on bail pending sentencing in October.


Anonymous said...

Arrest the usual suspects.

Anonymous said...

there is a federal corruption trial being held in the state of illinois this month. has the main stream media reported any of the news from the trial?

it seems that a former U.S.senator ,now P.O.T.U.S. made requests to a S.E.I.U. leader to make sure a special female politician from illinois was appointed the new senator in his former district.

it is reported that J.Jackson Jr. offered $1,000,000.00
for the senate seat. the m.s.m. seems to be absent on this reporting.

but lets hear more about lindsay lohan.

Anonymous said...

read "devil at my doorstep" by david a.bego

his story of how the S.E.I.U. conspired to destroy his company.

it is also reviewed on