Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tickets for parking in defunct bus stops

MYFOXNY.COM - Getting a parking ticket always stings. But getting one you're convinced is unjust will make you mad.

New Yorker Cliff Schuster is angry because he got a ticket for parking at his old bus stop in Queens. But the thing is that an MTA notice clearly states that the location is no longer a bus stop. The MTA eliminated the Q75 during its recent budget cuts.

Dozens of others in the neighborhood who also got tickets for parking in a bus stop that is clearly not a bus stop anymore.

The MTA said it is an NYPD and Department of Transportation issue. The NYPD said that as long as the original bus stop sign is standing, it is illegal to park there despite the MTA notice. But the police department did add that it "is instructing its traffic enforcement agents not to issue summonses to vehicles parked in bus stops where MTA signs indicate they are no longer being used as such."


CntrySigns said...

One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. The same thing has been happening for years at part time express buss stops that are clearly marked as stops only during curtain hours. 100% of the time the tickets are dismissed but at such a waste of time and money. Some day NYC organizations will work together in stead of against each other. I just hope I'm still alive to see it.

Anonymous said...

Paint the yellow line gray.Spray the sign red.....don't get caught......done

Babs said...

I see it differently than CntySigns - I believe that the ticket agents DELIBERATELY ticket people to meet their quotas - AND that city officials are aware of it. It is THEY that get the brownie points for bringing in extra revenue - pay raises, promotions, credos, etc.

The prevailing attitude is - "just fight it". But,unforunately, many people just pay the fines rather than fight them - so THEY win.

JO said...

what about all the people who paid it b/c they were unable to contest it? it's unjust. I would put a potato sack above the sign.