Monday, July 19, 2010

Tell us how you really feel, Ben

From the Times Ledger:

The editorial page of a newspaper is where its publisher and editors express their opinions on a wide variety of subjects, as is their right. Letters to the editor are where a responsible company, like TimesLedger Newspapers, give readers an opportunity to express their views on articles, including editorials.

A case in point is the Flushing Times editorial “CB 7 Deserves A ‘Well Done’” that appeared in the July 1-7, 2010, edition. CB 7 and Chairman Eugene Kelty, glowingly described, are not the ones I know.

The ones I know thought it was fine to destroy more than 100 trees in Flushing Meadows Corona Park and build a grand prix race track in an urban park — an absurdity that was finally brought down by public outrage and the criminal exposure of a discredited and now-deceased Queens borough president, the prime backer for the track.

The ones I know thought it was fine to double the space in Flushing Meadows for the United States Tennis Association, notwithstanding when they were first given intrusion in our park they promised never to ask for more parkland, but once given more land moved their head offices out of Manhattan to Harrison, N.Y. — a cuckolding of taxpayers if their ever was one.

The ones I know over the years have shown no or little interest in protecting the integrity of the park as an important and non-renewable urban space.

The ones I know think it fine to destroy more than 200 small businesses and the lives of thousands of workers and their families in Willets Point for the benefit of fat cat real estate moguls.

I note in passing there are members of CB 7 who may have disagreed with Kelty, but of course majority rules. While I believe there is more to urban living than fat cat real estate developments, with much evidence in downtown Flushing, others may disagree.

In the end, it will be for the public to decide the merits.

Benjamin M. Haber

Well, Ben, I'm sure the board will be much more ethical now that Paul Vallone is on it...


Flushing Friend said...

For Ben:

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Could someone grab me a lock of Chuckie's hair? I have a barbecue grill that needs a good scrubbing and I just ran out of brillo.

The Flushing Phantom said...

CB#7's track record is a hack record!

Anonymous said...

Wadda ya expect from "follow the buck" Chuck and "sell 'em out" Gene...integrity?

Tsk, tsk, tsk (LOL) all those long hours of hard they put in (LOL).

Apparently not for the community but for those who seek to destroy community...developers, lobbyists and crooked politicians!

Dump all community boards!
They're a sham and eat up our tax dollars.

Better to know the real score...that Bloomberg controls your lives...than to believe in the tooth fairy...when she says, "CBs afford citizens the opportunity to participate in government"!

Now if there are still some dopes out there who believe in the power of CBs...I'm selling shares in the Queensborough Bridge.

Want to buy one?

Anonymous said...

Will you look at the mugs of these two arrogant, bullying self serving demagogues!

For all of the weeks of disagreement during those late running meetings and pushing for "stips" from TDC and EDC regarding the shady Flushing Commons project the whole damned CB#7 caved in and voted "YES" to approve one or two who (bravo) had the balls to vote "NO"!

Of course, both Chuck & Gene...the sellout team voted "YES"!

Anonymous said...

BRING IN THE FEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The feds (LOL)?
You mean Gary Ackerman?

He's part...make that the leader...of the political daisy chain of corruption that's been operating operating unchecked for decades!

Now, my fine fellow's a kick in the ass for you:

It's all your fault because YOU must bear the final & full responsibility for the shit status quo through your own laziness & general apathy.

Too busy too pay attention to what affects your nabe?

Then eat the bitter fruit!

I'm ashamed of you all!

America only works if you really watch the front, back and side door and all windows of your house of government!

In the end it's not the crooked pols''s yours!


Anonymous said...


That's so funny I just wet farted my trousers laughing so hard!

I'll bet that every morning Apelian shaves his back and glues it on his head.

It's been said that an Armenian can grow hair on a rock.

Malba Gardener said...

Good for you Ben, I have dealt with kelty and his "I know better than you attitude"; and when you call him on his lies he shouts you out. My organization has a decision from Robert Freeman of the Committee on open Government from the State Department against CB 7 and them holding back information in effect limiting our Freedom of Speech as we were unable to speak with authority on the issue when it came up. I have an email from an MTA official quoting District Manager Bitterman and what she would do to my prone body and how she would refuse to call for help, Keltys response was that I had a personal issue with him. 25 years is too much for one person, breeding time for bad things. I cannot believe he has been able to get away with all he has gotten away with. He represents Whitestone Boosters and claims to exclude himself due to a conflict of interest only after we bring up the conflict and then he proceedes to conduct committee meeting on issue. Ben , and anyone else out there search "a call to arms" on Queens Crap and lets unite against the "UNCOMMUNITY BOARDS" ENOUGH ALREADY THEY ARE DESTROYING OUR VERY FIBER, OUR COMMUNITY.

Anonymous said...

Connor Sheets the writer of that article? If so, what a dissapointment he turned out to be. Shame on you Whitesone Times, maybe a boycott of the adverisers in that paper would teach them.

Malba Gardener said...

This can not be a serious commentary. Cb 7 has been found in violation of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION LAW by the STATE DEPARTMENT, and when they recieved the written opinion by Robert Freeman they ignored it. Maryiln Bitterman was quoted by an MTABT official as stating she would step over my prone body and refuse to call 911 if I were injured(we saved the email), she was overheard saying "Who the F---- do they think they are emailing everyone and their mother" in direct reference to our cc'ing elected officials when CB 7 ignored our requests. CB7 conducts "surveys" that are to be composed by "committee" with no "committee input" from its members as to the wording of said survey. Kelty spits out misinformation every chance he gets, and then shouts people down when they attempt to correct him. CB7 approve Developments with no neighborhood impact studies aka Whitestone jewels, Cresthaven and many more. They shred documents in order to avoid showing them to the public
Our organization has composed numerous emails and letters detailing CB7s biased an unprofessional actions.Including the decision from the State Department, the intercepted MTATB email quoting Mrs. Bitterman as well as a vast amount of documentation we would love to share with you.
We have been trying for over 13 years to secure a safe street for the over 20 children under the age of 15 living on our residential streets, and they turn it into an inconvenience issue instead of the safety issue it is. I am glad to see someone has a good expeince with the CB unfortunately our families have not, as they continue to keep our families in danger " "

Anonymous said...

such shoddy journalism. must be an unpaid intern or underpaid freelancer doing the writing.

Chuckie said...

Hey Gene, are those kickbacks making my pockets look fat?

Anonymous said...

why does the fat guy always stand behind the guy with the bad wig?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
why does the fat guy always stand behind the guy with the bad wig?

So he can enjoy the fart aromas! Hot air rises!

Anonymous said...