Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ridgewood Theatre for sale

From the Daily News:

It's back on the market. Thomas A. Donovan, a managing director at Massey Knakal, has the exclusive listing on the 52,000-square-foot Ridgewood Theatre in Queens. It has a 3,000-square-foot stage and 40 feet of frontage on busy Myrtle Ave. It can be delivered vacant or primed for residential, hotel or commercial development for $3.9 million. "This is the best property in all of Queens if it's done right," says Donovan. "It was on for $8 million just two years ago. Imagine a Queens version of Brooklyn Bowl." He's right. This could make the nabe. If interested, call (718) 512-2626.

Photo from Curbed.


Joe said...

3,000-square-foot stage ?
Something screwy with that number.
100X80 like the Beacon or old Bushwick theater perhaps.

This was pre sound.
Lamb and McElfatrick knew about acoustics, bass traps and made these stages the same.
Like Carnege Hall you can hear a whisper in the rear balcony.

Lino said...

100X80 like the Beacon

The NYC Beacon?...maybe if you count the flyloft.

Anonymous said...

Jeez...where's Michael Perlman?

Anonymous said...

strip club.

Michael Perlman, Chair of Friends of The Ridgewood Theatre said...

This isn't the first time the owners have placed it on the market. Perhaps they are placing it again, in order to evaluate their options. When it was listed by Massey Knakal in 2008, it was believed to be at $14 million and then $11.75 million. Now it's believed to be at $3.4 million. It has decreased. On the plus side, prospective buyers can acquire a Landmark theater with great architectural and cultural history (landmarked Jan 2010 due to our research & advocacy), superb location bordering 2 boroughs, proximity to art communities of Bushwick & Williamsburg, great square footage, and eligibility for grants via the State & National Register and other public and private programs. A revitalized theater could improve property values. The Ridgewood Theatre could launch several careers and boost jobs. This could be the Radio City of Queens & Brooklyn, if it was restored and redeveloped creatively as a performing arts center with community spaces. Any bids? Feel free to circulate our take, and feel free to e-mail me at My inbox is always in business. We are working with prospective parties, but nothing is solid as of yet. Never abandon hope. Be a team player!

- Michael Perlman, Chair of Friends of The Ridgewood Theatre

Michael Perlman, Chair of Friends of The Ridgewood Theatre said...

Please join the new Facebook Group for FRIENDS OF THE RIDGEWOOD THEATRE, and invite your friends:

A Landmark that saw the advent of Vaudeville & cinematic history, and a Greek Revival gem by the foremost Thomas Lamb shouldn't sit abandoned, but be acquired, restored, reused, & rejoiced. A little input can go a loooong way. Thanks!