Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why would Brooklyn hate us so much?

Apparently, reporters in Brooklyn have nothing better to do than wring their hands over the name of the paint color the Brooklyn Bridge is going to be painted with.

But what's really strange is that a headline writer abhors Queens so much that it caused him to pen the word "hate" not once, but twice.

Don't have a cow, man. And speaking of farms, we have yours so you better be nice to us.


Anonymous said...

So, when exactly does this schmuck hack writer think that Queens became the "hated" boro?

Anonymous said...

Its kind of true though. The recent Brooklyn migrants from where ever the fuck middle of nowhere kind of hate Queens. If they accidentally move to Queens they are derided by their Park Slope stroller pushing peers until they have to move.

Anonymous said...

One art gallery/performance space whose address is firmly on the Queens side of Ridgewood gives "Brooklyn" as its borough in all its promotional literature. Says their web site: "We’re barely in Ridgewood. As far as we’re concerned it’s Bushwick."

Whatever, buddy!

Queens Crapper said...

You mean this one?

It figures Ridgewoodian is a fan.

Anonymous said...

You figure it out.

Queens is the only place where an immigrant slum in marketed as a multicultural zoo and everyone local buys it, where everything from the historical society to the botanical gardens rank 6th in the 5 boroughs, the rights of the locals are sold out for pennies and whose homes are replaced with horid architecture, the land of Archie and Edith, and the locals are fed (and accept) every piece of crap fed to them by the local pols who would be hard pressed to run a post office let alone a borough.

Everytime someone from Kings County hears about 'Brooklyn-Queens' they crap.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Brooklyn is awesome.

I've seen the attitude problem, it stems from the fact that the gentrify! and assimilate! crowd overpaid for their brownstones at the real estate boom height and now deal with poor urban youths from "peripheral" neighborhoods prowling their streets.

You know, the price per square foot in, say, Maspeth is damn competitive, given you're a stone's throw from the Midtown Tunnel, the QBB, and the WBB. You can even have a driveway. And a garden. And a kitchen.

Longtime residents of Brooklyn don't give a shit, it's the new ones leading the DOWN WITH QUEENS stuff, IMHO!

Anony2 said...

Let 'em keep hating. So long as they don't come here. I have my hands full with illegals, I don't need a bunch of hipsters or midwest transients too.