Saturday, May 15, 2010

Butler Now Eligible to Live at the Dakota

NEW YORK (AP) -- The butler who inherited two apartments from the family he served in New York City's posh Dakota co-op is eligible to apply to live there.

In making the announcement Thursday, the co-op board said that Indra Tamang "is held in high esteem by those in the building who know him."

The Central Park West apartments were left to Tamang by actress and socialite Ruth Ford following her death last year. Tamang worked for Ford and her family for more than three decades.

No word on whether he wants to move there, however.


Anonymous said...

The butler did it!

georgetheatheist said...

Why would you want to move to the Dakota when you live a few doors away from former NYC Councilman Walter (Heaving and ho-ing") McCaffrey on 63rd Street in Woodside? Now that's a real classy nabe.

Anonymous said...

Indra should turn one of the apartments into an SRO. These apartments typically sprawl and have great lighting and extra high ceilings. I suggest Indra build loft bedrooms and pack the folks into this space to recoup the expense of the monthly maintenance and taxes you will need to pay. With that said, you will provide needed housing for many folks who seek the safety of the Dakota and make a little something for yourself. Mayor Bloomberg encourages this type housing in Queens and you would become a pioneer of sorts on Central park West!

Anonymous said...

Maspeth MOm says..

Yeah they say he can live there because right now its politically correct. But wait and see - they will mkae his life miserable if he decides to move in. There will be a lawsuit its only a matter of time. He should sell to someone they approve of - or course and move away forthwith. Take the money and run find a nice home somewhere - where yo dont have to deal with this nonsense - saying the butler cannot live in the building-. Yeah it was only okay when he was living in butler quarters. Screw them.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather live on Gramercy Park with key privileges to that private oasis.

Selling those two Dakota territory apartments would get him some posh condo (or co-op) on Gramercy.

Now that's real class!

Anonymous said...

RE Gramercy Park

For the money you can get for TWO apartments in the Dakota, why not move OUT of the city to a place with your OWN yard, and retire? - we don't need no stinking key

Anonymous said...

Rent out to a few hundred day laborers. Let those limo libs see what us poor slobs have to deal with in Queens.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Give Landmarks West a taste of the real world out here in Queens.

Landmarks 'Law'?


Just a subsidy for the rich people we pay for their benefit while our hospitals are closing and our schools are overcrowded.

Make all their dishwashers and nannies 'live in.' Make them illegals.

Then watch his appeal to the electeds for support as he is being evicted.

faster340 said...

"Indra should turn one of the apartments into an SRO."

Wouldn't that be something! That would really stick it to the mayor and Manhattan wouldn't it...