Saturday, May 15, 2010

17 busted for mortgage scheme

From NY1:

Law enforcement authorities have arrested more than a dozen people in connection with a multi-million dollar mortgage rescue fraud in Queens, the district attorney announced from Kew Gardens this afternoon.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown says 26 refinanced residential properties worth about $13 million were stripped over more than $3 million in equities.

Brown said 17 people have been charged, including two attorneys who were allegedly involved in the scheme. They face charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

"The defendants are charged with creating a human tragedy of immense proportions for the homeowners, most of whom are members of Queens' Guyanese community, who had turned to them in desperate need of saving their home from foreclosure," said the district attorney."

The charges allege Roger Huggins and Inderpaul Sookraj were the ringleaders, operating a Richmond Hill firm which claimed to be a home foreclosure rescue company.

Victims included not only the homeowners but also mortgage lenders like J.P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Met Life and Countrywide.

In one case, Huggins and Sookraj are accused of filing fraudulent documents which said they purchased a Jamaica, Queens home from a woman who had died a year earlier. They later flipped the property at an inflated price and kept the entire loan proceeds.


Anonymous said...

One of the defendants is INDERPAUL SOOKRAJ, who owned the company, Marlon Brando Construction Company.

Queens is a funny, funny place.

Anonymous said...

Not so funny is a census worker with a phony baloney supposed Eco Dev Corp operating out of the same address

Anonymous said...

Oh man, after quickly looking at the caption and the photo, I thought they locked DA Brown and a state trooper in the scheme!

loan mod guy said...

Good thing they are captured. Many people are trying their best just to survive the economic crisis and these kind of people should be punished by law.

Anonymous said...

inderpaul sookraj aka michael aka mookro is a theif he n his rob the credit cards company n went back to holland he n his wife came back to new york to pob innocent people of their hard earn life their house inderpaul aka michael need to be prosecuited to the highest and stripe him of everything he rob people another thing he is illegle in this country n he traveling back n forth to guyana saying he is doing business he gets what he deserve im not sorry go serve yr time