Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stimulus funds for Moynihan Station

From the NY Post/AP:

Sen. Charles Schumer says the federal government will award $83.3 million for a project to transform New York City’s main post office building into a rail gateway.

Schumer said Tuesday the funding will come from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

The senator said the project would create thousands of jobs and kick-start development across the west side of Manhattan.

The new station is to be named after the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

It’s intended to increase capacity and restore some grandeur to the city’s main rail center. The Beaux-Arts landmark that was home to the original Penn Station was demolished in 1963. It was replaced by the Madison Square Garden arena.

And now, folks, you know what your federal stimulus money was really designated for - politicians' pet projects. As the Observer points out:

Taken in isolation, this first phase does not seem a project worth the significant money being devoted to it, and now the concern becomes whether the second phase will indeed ever happen.


Anonymous said...

the "stimulus/jobs "funds should be put back in the U.S. Treasury where they belong.
our Nation and City can not afford to spend any more money on wasteful unneeded projects.
these democrat politicians must stop this ongoing theft from our treasury.

we will become "PIGS",(Portugal,Italy,Greece,and Spain).

these countries government work force, left union leaders are bankrupting the private sector.
benefits:high salaries,out of control pensions,too many holidays.

stinky said...

This is a stupid suggestion that would only serve ridership from NJ. Have they not stolen enough jobs away from NY?

I can think of so many in progress projects that were halted that could be funded and continued. Although I don't like the 2 Ave subway - were in it too deep - so keep pushing it along it almost viable. How about jump starting the World Trade Center? Whem Sen Shumer on that issue - in the sand?

This man is starting to hunt for legacy projects that cost big time $$ with little return. I agree and want money to generate jobs and good as a by product just channel it to worthwhile projects. What about the Javits Center expansion? Be a leader get vital project moving not just something to hang your name on after we toss you out of office this year!

Anonymous said...

If you want a real stimulus fund get rid of Shumer ,Pelosi ,Reed,Wiener and Silver.Elect people who will work for middle class.

Anonymous said...

Such a waste of money. This project adds no new capacity to Penn Station, but is 100% cosmetic. Meanwhile, funds for extra stations along the 7-line extension in Manhattan don't seem to be available. Huh?

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Anon #1.

Penn Station, like the new path station at WTC, is wasting New York City money on worthless suburbanites.

Anonymous said...

At least we'll know the bedbugs we take home will be worth 83.3 million.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice the appropriately placed "Self Serve" sign with an arrow pointed directly at this guy? If this isn't photoshop then it's a sign from the ALMIGHTY himself. Feel free to assume the ALMIGHTY to be what or whomever you wish.