Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haggerty's office space called into question

Mike poll watcher also rented office

There's a new mystery surrounding the Queens political operative who ran a poll-watching operation last year using $750,000 that Mayor Bloomberg channeled through the state Independence Party, and it involves office space.

Election records show that John Haggerty Jr. dipped into a separate $200,000 campaign contribution from Bloomberg to rent an office at 67-53 Woodhaven Blvd. in Rego Park starting in October 2009 at $1,600 a month.

The records also show that the state Independence Party on Nov. 3 -- Election Day -- paid $3,200 to the same landlord at the same location for what was described as a security deposit.

Neither Haggerty nor Independence Party officials returned calls to explain the arrangement.

A reporter who visited the building yesterday checked the directory, and found neither the party's name nor the name of Haggerty's 28th Assembly District Republican Committee, which was formed with the mayor's $200,000.

Landlord Morris Weinbach said Haggerty rented the office. Weinbach collected checks from both the Independence Party and Haggerty's committee.


Anonymous said...

Oh John, I can hear those handcuffs clicking now, Daddy would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

John JOhn,

is this what you do to break out of daddy's shadow? Stanners dotn behave like this, and the house you just bought form your sister and brother will be in the courts before long- no wonder your sister ran from you two and hasnt cmoe back to NY in years.