Monday, February 8, 2010

No new Green Church?

From Bay Ridge Journal:

According to an as-yet unconfirmed neighborhood rumor, the displaced congregation of the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church has been told that the new "green" church they were promised, which was to go up on the site of the demolished Methodist parsonage, will not be built.

If that turns out to be true, it would vindicate those local preservationists who always believed that the proposed new church was nothing more than bait.

Photo from Beehive Hairdresser


Kevin Walsh said...

I wonder what Matthew Lysiak, who cheered on the demolition in the local rag and then took his act to the Daily News, thinks about a weedy empty lot taking the place of the green church. I wonder what the pastor, who thought he'd get a new building, has to say...

Kevin Walsh said...


There is no question that it’s sad to think that Bay Ridge United Methodist’s final Mass will soon be said by a wrecking ball. It’s a beautiful building, and it’s no wonder so many people fought to save it.

Or is it? Sometimes I remind myself of that old Vietnam-era query, “What are we fighting for?”

Won’t anyone stand up for progress any more? Won’t anyone stand up and say that the neighborhood needs more housing?

Turns out, someone is: New York City Libertarian Party President Jim Lesczynski.

“If developers were simply freed from building regulations, and allowed to build as high as they would be willing to invest, there would be enough housing for anyone who wanted to live here, and then some,” he said.


“When you see these pieces of familiarity that have been part of your surroundings, you feel your whole life crumbling away,” said Victoria Hofmo, president of the Bay Ridge Conservancy. “It feels like a part of me is being demolished by that wrecking ball.”

I can understand that. I wish my hometown would have always stayed as I remembered it, but I understand that this is an unreasonable expectation.

An aide to Councilman Vince Gentile seemed genuinely confused that anyone would question the “why” of saving the Green Church.

“The Green Church?” said spokesman Eric Kuo. “Have you ever walked by that church? It is absolutely beautiful.”

"I had walked by the church many times, but maybe I never took the time to really notice it, so on Monday I wandered over yet again and tried to appreciate the church.

I hate to say it, but I was not converted. I thought of all the new condos, and I thought about how my wife and I are trying to buy something, but can’t because the prices are in the stratosphere.

Now I wait for the lighting bolt."

Anonymous said...

Matthew Lysiak is a talentless piece of shit. He belongs at the Daily News.