Monday, February 8, 2010

HPD forcibly demolishes Bronx eyesore

From the Bronx Times Reporter:

The city demolished a pesky vacant house in Zerega after a wall collapsed in October.

The house at 1629 Parker Street racked up $65,000 in buildings and housing violations for abandonment and structural issues before the wall crumbled and brought the Department of Buildings and Department of Housing Preservation and Development to the scene. DOB and HPD marked the house for demolition. Some of the debris from the collapse landed in a neighbor’s yard.

The house had been the subject of Department of Buildings complaints since 1996, when it first appeared on the radar of then Community Board 10 district manager Jimmy Vacca. Vacca, elected to the City Council years later, was delighted to hear about the demolition and stopped by Parker Street to witness some of work firsthand.

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