Thursday, February 11, 2010

Manhattan DA investigating Bloomberg

From the NY Post:

The Manhattan DA's office is investigating how a $750,000 personal campaign contribution that Mayor Bloomberg channeled through the state Independence Party during last year's mayoral election was handled by a top aide, sources said today.

The aide, John Haggerty Jr., served as a Bloomberg "volunteer involved in some of the activities" of Special Election Operations LLC, a hastily formed company that hired 200 to 300 workers to do poll watching on Election Day.

Sources confirmed to The Post that Haggerty Jr., and state Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay are the focus of a probe launched last week by Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.'s office. Both Haggerty and MacKay received subpoenas last Friday.

From the Daily News:

Aides to Bloomberg have said between 200 and 300 poll watchers were hired, which leaves the bulk of the $750,000 unaccounted for.

Haggerty did not register Special Elections Operations with the state Secretary of State's Office until Dec. 3 - a full month after the general election. The operation shares an address with an Albany consulting firm run by former Pataki administration aides.

Haggerty, a veteran Queens Republican operative, has been described as a Bloomberg campaign "volunteer." He was not paid for his work, but did receive a $120,000 post-election contribution from the mayor for his newly-formed political committee.

Haggerty, who also worked as a volunteer on Bloomberg's 2005 re-election campaign, played a key role last year in helping the mayor land the GOP ballot line last year when party leaders balked.


Anonymous said...

Now now now Crappy, all this stuff cannot be that disturbing.

Afterall, the 11 PM news just presented 21 minutes of the 35 minute program on THE FREAKIN SNOWSTORM WHICH WASN'T EVEN A BLIZZARD FOR CHRISTSAKE.

Never throught I would see a NY newsstation acting like Fox news and go breathless minute after tedious minute on a tempest in a teapot.

For Christsake, the news outlets in NY are insulting.

Anonymous said...

so a liberal/democrat/rhino spends his own money to gain influence in the political scene .

while the opposing party machine steals their money from the taxpayers.

and the beat goes on .......

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg operates in a grey area between spending money to "gain influence" and paying bribes to people to support his agenda.

With that aggressive new D.A. in Manhattan, he could yet find himself under indictment for some of what he does with his money.

Anonymous said...

It's no coincidence that Mr. Haggerty paid 1.6M for his father house last year, is it? Even assuming that he only purchased 1/2 from his brother, that still comes out to... (and there's no mortgage).

Anonymous said...

This will silently go away like everything else Bloomberg related. I think it's great if it would actually come to a productive outcome, but it won't because our officals in power are above the law we all know that. If you have lots of money there is nothing you can't do.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Use a police baton on bloomerg's ass.

Bloomberg bone cancer 2010. Join the movement.

Anonymous said...

jewburg has to go please this guy is no good

Da Judge said...

Hang 'im!

We hear that Blommie's already hung like two shriveled raisins.

Anonymous said...

Oh look a DA with his own real teeth...