Thursday, February 11, 2010

CB10 okay with Aqueduct pick

From the Queens Courier:

There may be a steady stream of complaints assailing Governor David Paterson’s decision to award the Aqueduct Racino franchise to Aqueduct Entertainment Group (AEG) – but back home in Ozone Park – there are many smiling faces.

“We’re not unhappy that AEG got the contract,” declared Betty Braton, chair of Community Board 10 (CB10), the unpaid citizens’ council that advises government on matters affecting the community.

Braton, a long-time resident and member of the board, was careful to distinguish between her official position and personal feelings. “Every bidder made a presentation, which we reviewed, but did not vote on,” she told The Courier. “It’s a state, not a city matter, so it’s beyond our charter. We just advised our state elected officials.”

Nevertheless, at a CB10 meeting on Thursday, February 4, at which AEG representatives made a report, a number of hand-lettered “Thank You” signs were in evidence

Privately, Braton was plain-spoken about her personal opinions. “A lot of what’s going on now sounds like ‘sour grapes,’” she said. Paterson himself echoed the sentiment in a recent radio interview, saying, “A number of people who lose cry foul, and they think they can get some resonance.”


Anonymous said...

Great! So Patersonturd is to blame here. Welcome organized crime, hookers and druggies to Southeast Queens.

Anonymous said...

Organized crime, hookers, and druggies aren't already there??

Anonymous said...

Community boards are broken.

Yes we need them, but no, not as they are currently set up. The boys have figured out how to work them and by doing so, completely reworked them in a fashion totally alien from their intention.

Perhaps we should get rid of them for a decade until we can figure out how to shape them towards the direction they were intended.

Anonymous said...

Since this whole deal is being investigated, the investigation ought to include how AEG was selected this year and how Delaware North was selected last year. Paterson, Slekos, and Silver made last year's pick. Paterson, Silver, and Smith/Sampson made this years. Open up the process used to arrive at a decision both times. How was it the same? How was it different? While they're at it, tell us all who were all the lobbyists, political, and other power players involved in ALL the bids last year and this year. Tell us who paid them and how much. Open up the whole can of worms, not just a part of it.

Anonymous said...

HMMMM! Is this the Betty braton who is tied so tightly with Addabbo, who is tied so tightly with Malcolm Smith, who is tied so tightly with Meeks, who is tied....
Get the Point. Comm Board 10 may need to be investigated!