Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And now for something completely different...

"First off, THE WAVE is a QUEENS NEWSPAPER Located in the Rockaways, it is the third oldest paper in NYC, and recently was honored by both NEW YORK MAGAZINE, and THE VILLAGE VOICE as being the Best of the Best in NYC.

I am one of the reasons for that. My name is Elgin Bolling, AKA Subwaysurfer. I am the Editorial Artist, for the Paper, and my cartoons have helped to add to the papers already fine reporting.
I'm a pretty interesting character myself though. First off, I'm a Queens Resident. I live in Far Rockaway, I am a professional illustrator and caricature entertainer who is a regular at the World Famous Sardi's Restaurant and I have a rather interesting ongoing open ended project I call, "subwaysurfing" This is my term for extreme life drawing on the MTA. My blogsite, subwaysurfer.blogspot.com, records most of my observations, exploits and pictures that I have been doing online since 2006. The site has well over 40 thousand visitors and is well worth a look-see.

Won't you come and look-see?

Here is a sample of work that appeared in The Wave Newspaper as well as a few subwaycommuters.

I hope you stop by.



Klink Cannoli said...

You are a talented artist. But, be easy on the self back pats. It's off putting. Judgement for your works and their impact should be made by your professional peers and your clients. Not by you.

Being humble is an important artistic trait.

Good luck with the blog and your artistic endeavors.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling said...

Actually Im not patting myself on the back much at all.My comment that may appear egotistical was told me directly by a satisfied client, The Editor of the Wave newspaper himself. As for my peers in the caricature and cartooning community I am respected. To be proud of what you do is not arrogance, and if what you're saying is true thats all it is. I havent promoted myself as "the greatest artist in NYC and on this planet, Im NOT. What I am is a man who draws work that others seem to like. Please check out THE WAVE not to just "see my cartoons" but because it's an EXCELLENT paper. Im proud to be an artist in it and dont mind saying it.
Sorry you were offended. A person cannot judge an individual based on a paragraph wriiten.