Tuesday, September 15, 2009

YouTube removes Vallone video

Paul Vallone somehow got the video of himself lying about why he had to register as a lobbyist taken off YouTube.


Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Fools! You think that there is a democracy? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Wait til November!

Anonymous said...

If that's so they just might be the thugs they're purported to be.

Pols can sure dish it out but apparently they can't take it.

Anonymous said...

What were the violations of Youtube's rules that would cause them to delete the video? Usually it is copyright infringement. Don't ya love censorship? Get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't someone from the Bayside Historical Society shoot the video of the candidates night at Ft. Totten?

Was he doing it as a private citizen on his own or for BHS?

If candidate Steve Behar used a portion of that video showing Paul Vallone being questioned as to whether he was a paid lobbyist for a Behar campaign ad...maybe BHS had an issue with that since they would own the video and it's copyright if it was shot for them.

That could make BHS, a not for profit organization, look like they were directly supporting a political candidate (Behar) which is forbidden under not for profit law and could endanger their status.

Did either BHS or Behar request the removal of the video from "You Tube"?

What possible legal grounds would Paul Vallone have to demand its removal?

Frankly I don't see any.

Or was it "You Tube", which usually thrives on controversy, cave in...and under who's pressure?

A lot of questions need to be answered here.

Maybe somebody needs to contact "You Tube" to get to the bottom of all this.

ew-3 said...

Don't kid yourself, youtube is a very political website. It's owned by Google, who is also very political.

Anonymous said...

Who posted it? A friend? He could ask for it to be removed.

Its funny how they can say anything they want in Astoria and the local community board and newspaper and blogs and civics will accept it as gospel.

Go outside the bubble. Bam!

When will the locals wise up?

Paul DiBenedetto said...

The Bayside Historical Society did not shoot an official video of the event.
I am a Vice-President of the Bayside Historical Society and I shot the event on my own camera for my own personal record.

After the event I made an offer to each candidate that they could have a copy of the video, so long as they paid the actual costs for duplication. All the candidates said thank you, but no one took me up on the offer. Currently, only one copy of my video exists and it has never left my possession.

The video in question was not shot by any board member or member of the Bayside Historical Society.

If anything, I was extremely pleased with the fairness and transparency with which Paul Graziano and the Historic Districts Council conducted the debate. A more unbiased attempt could not have been made. It was up to the panelists to create any controversy.

Paul DiBenedetto
VP of Historic Sites, BHS

Steve Behar said...

For the record, my campaign recorded the video with our camera and posted it to You Tube using our campaign's You Tube account. We then embedded the video on our campaign website. It was a public forum and we own the rights to the video.

They had no legal right to take down our video!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification on who shot, copied and dispensed the video...both of you guys.

Now that should put my question (or any others the readers might have) to rest.

I had to ask it...without any malice intended to get at the truth.

So it looks like it's probably "You Tube" was the wimp that caved in to the Vallones' techniques of "persuasion"...no?

Anonymous said...

So it looks like it's probably "You Tube" was the wimp that caved in to the Vallones' techniques of "persuasion"...no?

If this is true, why isn't anything being done to protest? This needs to be brought to the attention of a greater audience, don't ya think?

A Great Idea!!! said...

Post this issue on astorians.com - in daddy and junior's home district.

They will howl...

Anonymous said...

Love it - as a matter of fact, post it everywhere in western Queens - there are tons of blogs and websites where people can comment.

A post of the link along with comments that it was removed.

Anonymous said...

Don't let a Vallone in your home!

Glad Paul came in 3rd in the 19th district race.

But keep vigilant for he still lives there and will certainly try to get his fingers in your political pants the next time around!