Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paul Vallone denies being a lobbyist

At a District 19 candidates night on September 2nd in Bayside hosted by the Historic Districts Council, candidate Paul Vallone was asked by a resident about how he's still a registered lobbyist, how his campaign has taken tens of thousands of dollars from developers and how he can reconcile that with his promises to curb overdevelopment.

Listen to his non-answer, which includes his assertion that his father owns a consulting firm and therefore as his family member, he is required to put his name on the list, too, which is false.


Anonymous said...

Vallone is a disgrace. The community needs to support the one candidate who has been calling him on this since the race began, Steve Behar. Behar has stood up at community board meetings as Tony Avella's representative, and with Tony's endorsement will stand up to developers in City hall. The choice is clear; big money hacks (Vallone, Iannece) or someone who isn't owned by real estate developers.

Anonymous said...

So obviously phoney and a liar - even if you were deaf and blind it should be obvious.

Anonymous said...

Paul Vallone has made not answering questions and lying when he does answer into an art form.

Anonymous said...

Paulie "walnuts" Vallone is put on the spot and denies La Famiglia di Vallone being in cahoots with the developers who ruined Astoria and will shortly be destroying eastern queens if he gets elected.

With this political mafia dynasty having their fingers in the NYC pie since Charlie "the judge" Vallone who needs a Don Corleone?

This whole thing is a page right out of the Sopranos!

faster340 said...

Wow! He totally blew that question off. 100% bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the same way he's going to blow off the concerns of the 19th district if he gets elected!

And after he's finished f-----g up northeast Queens...he'll pick up his family and move somewhere else.

The Vallones have a long history of shitting in their own back yards!

Just look at Astoria!

Even a dog has more sense.

An open contract is out on Don Vallone at the polls next week!

Put him in a block of political cement so he can't resurface...the bastardo!

Anonymous said...

But it flys in Astoria, so why not in Bayside?

witness said...

After everyone yelled at him to "answer the question", he spent the rest of the night stupidly staring at the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

Because the people in ASStoria are stupid, they don't want to work with, or listen to, anyone but the local politicans.

That is why they are getting a 100,000 new residents and the rest of Queens (except other slums like downtown Jamaica, downtown Flushing, and Elmhurst) is downzoning.

Anonymous said...

Hey, no problem with his answer.

All they need to do is back it up when they make public the records of their firm, their consulting firm, or at least a list of contributions from developers over the past five years.

The public is concerned about conflict of interest. So lets see them put their money where their mouth is.

Anonymous said...

You should really do your homework. He absolutely is required to register as a member of the firm which and because of his relationship. It is a disclosure requirement, plain and simple.

There is so much to go after these guys for, and yet you Queens Crap idiots always miss the issues. Not surprising.

I hope you and your asinine blog get smacked with a libel or slander suit. See how smart you are then.

Queens Crapper said...

Interesting and thanks for the warm wishes. So why isn't Peter Jr. registered as a lobbyist since he has the same familial relationship to Daddy Vallone as Paul does?

Anonymous said...

Why is Paul Vallone a member of a lobbying firm?

Nice how he called it a "consulting firm". We see through the bullshit.

georgetheatheist said...

Libel? Slander? How delicious. See? Just about everyone reads Queens Crap.

But please leave the Vallone family alone. They are very religious. Peter, Sr. goes to Mass everyday, makes the Sign of the Cross and receives Communion.

Why I even saw him once at City Hall, when he was the Speaker, take visitors to the back of the Council Chamber and show them an image of the Virgin Mary that was depicted in the wood grain paneling on the wall. He is a very holy man and I'm sure he has passed on his saintliness to his sons.

Please repent.

Anonymous said...

"Our campaign is about unity, positive message, it's about you..."

Sure Paul, but what about the real issues? You can't give a clear answer to any of them, because you owe every builder, developer, and real estate person your ass.

Maybe Paul that's what you should say your campaign is about: how you're going to dismiss every zoning, land use & building complaint that the 19th district brings to your office in favor of ALL the people who OWN you.

Can you just imagine how he'd give the same empty, gobbly-gook response to every constituent with a problem?


ceiling on my head lady said...

His campaign is also about burying Astorians under the rubble. With each demolished house, the recipient gets a free spoon to dig their way out.

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is Vallone better not win. If he does, there's gonna be trouble..

not a vallone fan said...

a friend of mine met vallone and his wife at the fort totten family day in july. she thought they came across as rich snobs

Anonymous said...

Libel and slander tough to get when you are a pol figure.

But don't worry Anon, both libel and slander suits are in the works. A collective effort by some of the staffers and community leaders that have been professionally and personally damaged by malicious fabricated claims and hate speech.

Freedom of speech doesn't apply when malice is involved.

Ooooooo I can't wait. How does mortgaging your little Maspeth dump sound Crapper? Mom is gonna be so proud!

Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine how he'd give the same empty, gobbly-gook response to every constituent with a problem?

But dont you understand? he does .. in Astoria .... and everyone is afraid to talk to anyone else.

So they put up with it.

Anonymous said...

There is so much to go after these guys for, and yet you Queens Crap idiots always miss the issues. Not surprising.

oh do tell us o wise one.

Queens Crapper said...

"But don't worry Anon, both libel and slander suits are in the works. A collective effort by some of the staffers and community leaders that have been professionally and personally damaged by malicious fabricated claims and hate speech."

Please bring it on.

You'll be the laughingstock of the internet.

Anonymous said...

staffers and community leaders

Funny how the hacks are the ones who want to sue and not the developers whose architecture is criticized.

So, so, funny.

Anonymous said...

"both libel and slander suits are in the works."

How was anyone slandered by the Crapper?

Slander refers to the spoken word.
This is a website.

Guess you and your attorney are dumb. Or you're just a liar.

Not surprising that thuggery is happening on a Vallone post!

Anonymous said...

But don't worry Anon, both libel and slander suits are in the works. A collective effort by some of the staffers and community leaders that have been professionally and personally damaged by malicious fabricated claims and hate speech.

Give an example. just one.

Anonymous said...

Look, a lot of stuff said here (like at City Council, City hearings, civic meetings, community board meetings, etc etc is stupid.

Many have said that.

But shutting down a website that is an expression of free speech?

Not going to be easy - when you are in a position that impacts on peoples lives, be it a city offical, or in a civic, or whatever, if someone thinks that you are doing a poor job, you are open to comment.

Attacking free speach (and a blog like Crappy) is likely the worst thing you can do - not only will all the dirty laundry come out, but you find that stomping on a freedom in one place, the ideas will only have a funny way of popping up again in the most unexpected places.

A bit like tar baby.

Better to debate them toe to toe.

But, being a hack, you are probibably too stupid for this advice anyway.

Anonymous said...

A collective effort by some of the staffers and community leaders that have been professionally and personally damaged by malicious fabricated claims and hate speech


Anonymous said...

Defamation of Public Figure

Special rules apply in the case of statements made in the press concerning public figures, which can be used as a defense. A series of court rulings led by New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964) established that for a public official (or other legitimate public figure) to win a libel case, the statement must have been published knowing it to be false or with reckless disregard to its truth, (also known as actual malice).[15]

Anonymous said...

There is actually some truth to the libel issue. This has become a blogger beware society very recently- and for even less serious issues.

Losing an election may just qualify as the "damages" they would need to show.

Anonymous said...

Libel very difficult to get, especially a candidate.

But it's important to keep comments truthful and not made up. That includes comments on physical appearance, etc...

It's a different world now!

Queens Crapper said...

Let's get back to the topic of this post since I have gotten idle lawsuit threats multiple times since the inception of this blog.

Truth: Paul Vallone is a registered lobbyist who has lobbied on behalf of developers

Lie: You are required to register as a lobbyist just because your father owns a lobbying firm.

Where's the malicious libel?

Bayside Boy said...

Thanks Crappy,

Vallone's hacks are out in force. He is a registered lobbyist, he has received thousands from development firms and developers. Thanks for playing Paul, but we don't want a developer's butt-boy representing our neighborhood.

I'm so done with all this obfuscation and bull. He's taken a TON of money from developers, regardless of whether he's blatantly corrupt or not it will be nearly impossible for him to ignore those ties wif he's elected. That alone is enough to keep me from voting for him.

I'm voting Behar, the guy who's been onto Vallone and the developers from the start of this race.

Bayside Girl said...

Just opened up the Bayside Times. There's a FULL PAGE AD of Vallone and his phony promises. Who does he think he's fooling?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Clean is going to go run and cry to daddy because the big bad blogger man is making fun of him....


If this guy was born into a different family, he'd probably own a strip club, work for con ed, or work as a garbage man.

What a slime ball!

And kudos to the Queens Crapper for providing actual journalism and not going along to get along in exchange for a few grand in ads -- like all of the local print newspapers.

Don Ciccio said...

Despite the fact that Paul Vallone's dome is plastered all over the universe with expensive ads...his goons still feel the need to scope and counter post with idle lawsuit threats on lil' ol' "Queens Crap".

That doesn't sound like La Famiglia di Vallone is so cock sure of winning the eastern 19th district council seat for figlio Paulo!

Now buzz off or file suit.

No court legal grounds!

See you at the polls!

Phew...I think Paul's handler Chuck Apelian just took a dump.

Anonymous said...

I feel Apelian's heavy hand banging away on his keyboard...busily commenting.

Wattsa matta "follow the buck" Chuck?

Did you think running Paul Vallone's campaign was going to be a walk in the park?

You can bully everyone at your CB#7 meetings but you're just a light weight pipsqueak when it comes to playing real hardball with us savvy voters.

Too bad you can't fix elections as easily as you can coerce your brain dead fellow community board members into seeing things your way.

Anonymous said...

One can describe brother Pete junior's western domain Astoria as strictly...Queens crap!

Do we want to see the Vallones abuse our pristine green eastern environs by selling it off to developers and turning it into Astoria east?

Paul & Chuck...your out of luck!
Go loose your bowels elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

At least Paul proudly shows off his crown sans rug.

Maybe Chuck ought to lose his astro turf and walk around like a man!

Anonymous said...

so I guess vallones campaign manager attacking Iannece in the Queens Ledger was "my campaign has never attacked anyone" ? freakin idiot is not gonna be the target of all kind of negative attacks cause HE STARTED IT FIRST ! Moron.

Anonymous said...

We live in a republic and political dynasties like the Vallone or the Stavisky dynasty smack of monarchy.

Our forefathers (and mothers) suffered through a hard and bloody revolution to finally rid ourselves of kings, emperors and dynastic privilege.

Only an enlightened citizenry...yes you the voters...can keep political mafiosi from stealing the power that is justly yours!

We can all do very well without the political coercion and intimidation that manicured thugs like the Vallones bring to government.

Do you want to be a true 21st century patriot?

Then vote with your brains not your fears that a powerful family's defeated candidate will take revenge upon your neighborhood.

You all have the power of the voting booth to put this carpetbagging outsider out for trash collection!

When I want family hand me down politicos...I'll go to a thrift shop!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Paul Vallone couldn't even try to blame the lobbyist label on the family law firm. Had he said that because of the business dealings of the law firm, and because he is the managing partner of the law firm, he had to register as a lobbyist, some people might have bought it. But he wasn't even smart enough to come up with that alibi, er, excuse.

Anyone but Paul.

Anonymous said...

The Vallones have never won a competitive race. The father lost for Congress, Mayor and Governor.
The brother ran unopposed for his Council seat with the same name as his father. Paulie will lose as well.

Anonymous said...

Since when is Chuick Apelian a campaign manager or has anything to do with the Vallones ?

What exactly is THAT relationship about ?

Anonymous said...

Look at the voter registration roles. This guy Vallone who claims he was dying and had to move back in with mommy and daddy and then voted in astoria.

Oh yeah Paulie ?

Why then did your wife contnue to vote in Flushing all those years ? She used to drive back to Flushing to vote ?

What a liar. Its like the phonies who claim patriotism. Every word out of paulies mouth is honesty and everything he says is a lie.

That family is so disliked by so many people and they live in this bizarre bubble created by the father.

Anonymous said...

I believe Paul Vallone will win the 19th Council District seat by a couple hundred votes. Followed by Kim, Behar, Iannece, Cooke, Markell.

You heard it here first.

sorry queenscrap, Paul Vallone will be your next city council member.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Apelian always sucks up to power. Currently it's the VALLONE brand of POWER!

He's running Paul's campaign for Christ's sake...which makes him an agent of the Vallone agenda.

That's what "follow the

Read up on it all by yourself fella. This isn't a poly-sci kindergarten class.

Apelian's enormous ego will never permit him to remove his fingers from the political vagina. That's why he's spent an eternity "serving" on CB#7.

"Little Jack Horner sat in a corner eating a Christmas pie.
He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a (another political) plum and said what a (still connected) good boy am I".

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jerry Ianecci will finish the race by a few hundred votes ahead...soothsayer.

After all, he's the strongest favorite with a proven track record of community service and could very likely become the 19th district's next city council member.

You've been watching too many episodes of "The Mentalist" or you're a wishful thinking addict!

I wouldn't put my money on Vallone as a sure win.

I'd rather "invest" in junk bonds!

It ain't over 'til it's over

The sordid baggage that Charles Vallone's family has been carrying all these years from town to town might bury Paul's political aspirations in the East River.

Anonymous said...

just about last month I picked up a local newspaper in a pizzeria in the Belmont section of the Bronx (Arthur Avenue's old Italian section) which
I quickly spotted a prominent ad for the Vallone law firm.

Other versions of that newspaper are also published in Florida and Italy!

you may draw you're own conclusions about mafiosi...political or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

The Vallones maintain a well oiled, finely polished public image as is evident in Paul's homey mom & apple pie (complete with his smiling kiddies) campaign litter-ature photos.

The skeleton in the back door closet has always been the Vallone family's close ties with the NYC real estate industry.

When a lawyer (and all of them are) takes money from a lot of developer clients but gets his freebie votes from you...where do you think his real loyalties are likely to be...with you or the ones who provide money to put bread (and many luxuries) on his table?

Run that through your brain before you vote for any Vallone.

Vote for anyone else or you might be letting an egg sucking dog loose in your hen house.

It's your make a wise decision before it begins to resemble Astoria.

italian girl said...

I have a question...

Did any Astoria residents fight the overdevelopment over there? And what was Vallone's response to their complaints?

Anonymous said...

That little lady in the video hit Goliath with a question he couldn't answer...right between the eyes!

Brava signora!

Now this iconic performance is being downloaded all over town for all to see. I'll bet it becomes a cult classic.

It's like that little kid in the story that yelled out the truth, "Hey...the emperor ain't wearin' any clothes".

The over-developers are Paul's employers (Pete Junior's & Senior's too)!

Thus, the phantoms of this comic opera have been unmasked!

Anonymous said...

I'm Italian and I'm sick & tired of seeing people like the Vallone's as public figures. I'm fed-up with the mobster, payola, back-room-deal-making stereotypes that Italian-Americans like the Vallone's represent.

Thank goodness for guys like Tony Avella and Steve Behar (yes, his last name is a shortened Italian one) so that my kids can see that honest, hard-working Italian-Americans do run for office and WIN
and not just these goombahs and cavones.

VOTE BEHAR for the 19th Council District
and VOTE AVELLA for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

You'd better look out for sneaky Pete & Sons all of you northeast Queens virgins.

Otherwise they'll get into your pants just like they did in "Astoria..."scoppa tutti" (raped 'em all)!

Keep you girdle tight and vote right!


Anonymous said...

Do you think the Vallones should be required to be registered as neighborhood predators?

Bayside Boy said...

It's less than one week til primary day. Paul Vallone CAN NOT win otherwise this district is SCREWED. If he or Jerry wins I'm voting for Halloran.

Wake up District 19, we've had the best Councilmember in the city for the past 8 year. Trust him a bit (he's earned it). Vote Behar, endorsed by Tony Avella.

Anonymous said...

There are many that think Chuck Apelian should resign from CB#7.

Managing Paul Vallone's campaign is certainly a conflict of ethics if not an out and out conflict of interest!

Now that Chuck "follow the buck" has shown his true least we now know there are 2 phonies residing in north Flushing.

Is anyone interested in having a meeting with the director of community boards to demand Chuck's removal from CB#7?

And while we're at it true that Marilyn Bitterman's husband has lifelong free tickets to attend the US Open from the USTA?

Does Marilyn like to receive gifts also?

Did any come from TDC, Fultonex or Wellington Chen?

Maybe it's also time for a new district manager.

hold your breath now! said...

I'm taking a break to Google some background on the venerated father of Peter senior...Judge Charles Vallone!

It all started there!

I'll post anything juicy that I'm able dig up!

Anonymous said...

I too agree that Vallone is going to win this. Jerry should of made a deal with Tom Cooke and Steve Behar months ago...then maybe the 19th district wouldn't be destroyed like it will be when Vallone and his developer friends are finished with it. I urge all democrats to vote for Dan Halloran should Paul Vallone win....which I think he will.

Anonymous said...

that's why no lawyer or lobbyist should be elected, the city needs a real lady to work with & for the people. Debra Markell will answer to us &be the answer for us.

Hoo R U Kidding said...

"Debra Markell will answer to us &be the answer for us."

Thanks, troll. Now I lost my lunch and dinner! I lost my breakfast when I saw her ads in the Courier.

Anonymous said...

What did that buffoon say ?

Every lobbyist has to list their family members ?

As lobbyists ?

Thats weird, why isnt Tina Vallone listed on the lobbying web site ?

Poor Paul. He thinks that bullshit his old man sold Astoria for twenty years is going to work over here. Guess what. Its not.

And Paulie has made such a fool of himself let his brother come over here and try to run borough wide. Paul has every political leader, every civic, the historical society and everyone else against him and the Vallone name is mud.

80 percent of the voters will vote against the Vallone name. Mark my words.

We are EDUCATED out here you fuckin neanderthal. You think that double speak bullshit works.The people in the audience have college degrees or run successful businesses. The guy who owns the pizza is store is smarter than you.

They are not like you and your brother leaching off your father who is a lobbyist.

Come Wednesday, go back to wherever you came from.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Paul is already painting a "for sale" sign to stick in his front lawn the day after he loses the primary.

It's time that we banished all of these carpetbagging thugs from our district!



He'll infect our fine neighborhoods worse than the swine flu!

Anonymous said...


We don't want a family of power hungry addicts invading our turf!

Pull Paul out by the roots before La Famiglia di Vallone expands their western territory by gobbling up eastern Queens to form a new outpost.

With Paul firmly planted in the east and Pete Jr. covering the west...the whole damn borough gets caught in a classic pincer movement.

And G-d help the nabes caught in the middle!

This is all part of the Bloomberg promote over development.

The Vallones are Mike's partners in crime...his hired "torpedos"!

Anonymous said...

Have any of you taken note of the most recent sickening array of Vallone fliers depicting candidate Paul as practically a saint at St. Andrew Avellino Church?

Photos of him as the great interested parent...X-mas caroling group benefactor...the whole sickly, syrupy tableaux? Up-chuck (Apelian)!

Whew...what a load...Santo Paulo...protector of the northeast nabes...when he's really more of (Lord forgive me) an Anti--Christ figure...the Devil's disciple...the developers' lobbyist!

Come to think of it...every don and wannabee they an actual or political mafioso...always uses the same old tried and true method of introducing and sanctifying themselves within the unsuspecting community by entering the arena through the back door of the church!

Donate funds...get on found a group as daddy Pete and grand daddy Charles probably did.


What an infamnia!

You don't fool us savvy voters here out east with your veneer of piety.

Do you confess or even consider your family's long time close association with the NYC real estate industry as sins?

Yeah...right..."Bless me Father for I have taken thousands of dollars from real estate developers".

This ain't Astoria bub.

We've see La Familglia di Vallone at work there for decades and we don't want you soiling our clean neighborhoods!

Keep your family business out of northeast Queens!



Anonymous said...

I was leaning toward Jerry Iannece until I saw the quote from Tony Avella on the City Hall News website:

"Avella said that after the bitter 2001 campaign, Iannece held a grudge and as community board chair obstructed Avella's constituent outreach.

"'I believe that he is inappropriate for public office,' Avella said, 'and that a lot of other people also hold that sentiment.'"

I'll probably make up my mind while in the voting booth on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight, Tony Avella has always hated iannece because Iannece, as Community Board Chair showed him up all the time. The scoop I heard from a pretty reliable source was that Avella backed the chipmunk Behar because Avella knows he won't win the primary for mayor. If the jerk "can't put a sentence together Behar" won,Avella would have no problem regaining his council seat in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

this site continues to make me laugh. Bunch of jerkoffs who are mad that the will never achieve what the Vallones have. You guys better start packing if you dont like Paul cause hes clearly going to win.

Anonymous said...

As a Conservative Catholic I hope Vallone wins. Halloran is a Libertarian and also some sort of "pagan priest" or something. How could a pagan represent the traditional Catholic values of our DIstrict?

Anonymous said...

haha, where are all the people who said vallone was clearly going to win? no bronze medal in politics lol, you couldn't even beat toupee iannece!