Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Willets Point landowners call in the Feds

From the Daily News:

A group of property owners at Willets Point are taking another swing at a city-funded development company for a lobbying goof.

Willets Point United asked federal prosecutors late last week to wade into its battle with the Flushing Willets Point Corona Land Development Corp. The corporation's leader - former Queens Borough President Claire Shulman - was slapped with a record fine recently for not registering as a lobbyist.

"We're hoping the U.S. Attorney will do something about this," said Michael Rikon, a lawyer who represents the business group. "Anything to stop this kind of conduct."

"It's outrageous," Rikon said. "An executive branch of government paid money to lobby the legislative branch."

Looks like Claire has lawyered up...

Bob Bishop, an attorney hired by the Flushing Willets Point Corona Land Development Corp. two weeks ago, said the mistake has been resolved.

CYA, Grandma.

Photo from Iron Triangle Tracker


Anonymous said...

Promising start, but every other sentence needs to use the word Bloomberg, Bloomberg, Bloomberg - whether he is to blame or not.

Let his saturation of the media now boomerrang back, for everytime someone hears his name, Willets Pt needs to stick somewhere in the back of the brain.

A Bloomie Boomerrang. Nice ring doncha think?

Anonymous said...

Good idea, and how about 'Queens County Machine insider Claire' as a title?

Assoicate them with this mess, too.

Then even the old grannies that vote for that crowd ad nausium, with plenty of time to sit around and gossip, can be reached, too.

Taxpayer said...

Memo to Willets Point United:

If the feds turn their back on you (they will - Obama is a totally committed Socialist - for him, eminent domain on Willets Point is just a practice run), initiate your own federal RICO case.

You already have an attorney. Have him advise you on the steps.

You just might put these creeps in jail and save your businesses and your property.

Your employees will be saved, too.

Anonymous said...

FBI failed, where is the raid? There is enough trail for them to follow. I hate FBI. They are too busy checking our computers if we are downloading free movies. fuck FBI. DO YOU HEAR ME FBI??? FUCK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I guess TDC/Fultonex/Wellington Chen will be paying her fines.

Anonymous said...

Parkside will be in Jail soon

Anonymous said...

The inner city life controlled by the outer world.

Anonymous said...

It's About Time! Long Overdue. Investigate Immediately!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Long overdue for her complicity with Donald Manes!

But I'd hate being the fed who has to scope Shulman's bovine ass to see where all her other dirty secrets are hidden.

Anonymous said...

She's getting senile and will crack under FBI pressure to avoid doing any jail time.

I wonder if she'll give up as many of her accomplices as Brian Mc Laughlin did?

Anonymous said...

I hope the feds bag Chuck "follow the buck" Apellian.

He's in the epicenter of the web!

Being of Armenian descent...he should have access to a better rug for his head.