Monday, September 21, 2009

Paul Vallone motivational posters


Anonymous said...

Now Paulie can go back to being a real estate lobbyist.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand the "unpopular" comment. Bloomberg will be reelected in a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Its great to see a Vallone go down. Sad to say but they've never contributed anything to Astoria, but have allowed it to deteriorate into a contractor's open playground where anyone can build anything they want. Maybe cronyism has reached its end.

Queens Crapper said...

Landslide? I doubt it. There is more voter outrage against him than support for him.

There is also a poll out now that says Thompson is closing the gap.

Anonymous said...

Vallone-y baloney and "alley" Katz sucked up to Mayor Bum-turd...both expecting to win by a landslide.

Bye bums! The voters had your numbers!

If hizzoner expects a landslide then he'd better buy off every damn NYC voter to the tune of (let's say at least) $250,000 apiece.

Honor can have its price but I wouldn't even consider selling mine for less than a quarter of a million...TAX FREE!

FU Mayor Mike! I was just joking.

On second thought my vote's not for sale at any price!

Hope the doors of city hall hit you in your ass as you exit in November!

Anonymous said...

Crappy just got a flyer from Bloomcrud about all his "improvements" in education.

Reading and math scores are improving. LIE

Ending social promotion so our kids learn before going to the next grade. LIE

Cut $350 million from the bureaucracy and put it in the classroom. LIE

Anonymous said...

Yeah...right a "sympathetic" billionaire can expect a lot of support from people who've been hit hard by the economic downturn.

The middle class is getting f----d from both ends thanks to 8 years of Bloomberg.

I've been job hunting for the last 4 months without a seriously decent offer so I'm taking temp jobs for whatever and wherever I can find them just to make ends meet.

Do you think I can work for Bloomberg LLP?

Nah...I'd rather leave New York!

Let's fire Mike in November!

Anonymous said...

Vallone took 3rd place....fantastic!

I'll bet he sells his house now that this carpetbagger has no more use for the 19th district.

Better watch out
where he might strike next?

Anonymous said...

These lazy old school assholes insist on still playing yesterday's game by the old rules.

Well...the times they are a changing!

Encroaching poverty is forcing formerly content middle class NYC residents to smarten up in their choice of candidates!

The new MEAN, LEAN AND SHREWD voters aren't as easily tweeded as before!

So start sweating for each vote Mayor Mike!

You're still going to wind up losing to Thompson no matter what your spin doctors try dishing out to the contrary!

Anonymous said...

Having that video pulled from "You Tube" didn't accomplish much now did it Paulie?

Goodbye goombah!

LibertyBoyNYC said...

that's the ticket, crapper!!

Taxpayer said...

That miserably moronic gang's symbolic icon will be an anchor.

They all may as well go down to a scrapyard to be fitted for deep sea diving on November 3rd.

Melinda-san is already gone. Now, we will watch those other two fail big-time.

Dump all who want, voted for and are running for a third term.

All of them

Take control or be controlled.

Anonymous said...

Back in 1776 we once deposed a king!

Now let's throw out an elitist wannabee emperor on his ass this November.


It won't even require any hardship or bloodshed...just a landslide of votes against Bloom-fuhrer!

As "taxpayer" stated ,"Take control or be controlled".

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Vallone & Bloomberg....cone head & bone head!